Fuel, energy

The inCust platform allows you to automate any relationship with a customer at a fueling or charging station for cars. This can include sales or shipments of fuel and energy, issuance and processing of fuel and energy coupons, sales of related products, a loyalty program, customer communications, and omnichannel messaging.

Overview of main fuel and energy module features, which you can use at your stations.

Video introduction to our fuel and energy solution


To get started, you should choose the integration scheme and, if necessary, purchase a controller for a gas station. You can also read “What technologies are used inside the inCust platform

Next step – Overview of the setup procedure

Detailed description of settings:

  1. 1. Customer account
  2. 2. Loyalty programs
  3. Settings “Points of Sale”
  4. 4. Configuring “Terminals and Salespeople” list
  5. 5. Set up “Product Categories”
  6. 6. Setting up “Goods”
  7. Fuel pump controller: overview, description, fuel pumps, fuel grades
  8. Fueling Using USSD Menu
  9. How to create a link, which will be embedded in a QR code that you place on a pump, a nozzle or at the fuel station
  10. Commercial customer module: overview, video tutorial
  11. Video: Collection of customer feedback in mobile app and with alternative methods to sell fuel
  12. FuelTaxi

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