Goods and Services

You can create products that will be displayed in the Terminal or inCust Store

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Important! In order for your Store to work, you need to create at least one product and configure the following items:

Display in Store – Set the “Display in Store” option to make the goods or service available for purchase in the Store

Name and description in different languages – Please write this name and description in all possible languages. Our mobile application is shown to the customer in the language that is installed in the settings of his phone. Accordingly, if you fill out the information only in Russian, the customer with a telephone set to English will not see your information.

Additional images – In order for the customer to become more familiar with your product or service, upload additional images. There are no restrictions on the number and size, the image format should be jpeg or png.


You can set the price both in money and in account values. That is, a product can have 2 prices. For example, you can purchase goods for 5 USD or for 10 visits (in this case, the customer’s account must be created on which the customer’s visits will be accumulated).
To set a price, select Currency or Account (and which account), enter the price and click add new price.

Important: Please note that the goods will appear in the Terminal and in the Store only when the Price is set.

Important: InCust currency can be  determined in three ways:

  • Indicating the Country during Account creation;
  • During point of sale creation in the section Business Panels – Settings – Points of Sale – Select a country;
  • During a Terminal creation in the Settings – Terminals and Salespeople section – Choose currency.

Thus, you can see the price of the goods in the currency that is determined by the country when creating your Account, by Point of Sale or Terminal.

Recommended values

These recommended values ​​will help customers quickly select the most popular fuel or energy fill volumes.

To configure the “Recommended Values” you need to provide the following information:

Title – This value must be specified in all user languages.

Value type – here you can specify recommended values ​​in monetary value (currency) or volume (fuel or energy)

Value – Specify the number of units of measure that correspond to this “Recommended Value”.

Color – this color will display the value in the customer’s application.