How to set up the bonus points loyalty program

in order to make amount of crediting bonus points depend on the amount of purchases for all the time. The longer the customer is with us, the more bonus points he gets.

Go to Settings-> Loyalty programs-> Change loyalty program-> and click on the Loyalty rules tab. Add new loyalty rule.
To adjust the bonus points reward in the drop-down list Action select Credit on cash receipt, %; in the list Depends on select Amount; in field Date range for calculations that appears select the period For all time and set Thresholds of values of credit or discount.

How to set up the bonus points loyalty program: bonus points depend on purchases for all the time.

To test the loyalty program rules go to the Web termina; and make a few transactions with increasing the amount of purchases within the intervals specified in the loyalty program. You can check login and password to enter the Terminal under Settings -> Terminals and salespeople by clicking the Edit button.