2. Terminals and salespeople


One registers a transaction with the help of Terminals – a specialized POS software that is a part of the platform. Each point of sale must have at least one Terminal assigned to it. If the point of sale has several salespeople, cash registers, or drivers, it is possible to create several terminals for each point of sale.

Important! If the point of sale supports paying for the goods in different currencies, then for each currency, you should create a separate terminal record and link it to a point of sale.

You can read more about the basic settings in the section of the instruction “Terminals and salespeople” using the link:

Terminals and Salespeople | inCust

Operating mode:

  • Road Tanker driver — this mode is for Road Tankers that can move and sell fuel anywhere.
  • Kiosk is a mode for working with the Kiosk self-service application, where customers can buy fuel on their own.

If you enable the ‘’To work with Terminal, employee authorization is requiredoption, then an employee has to enter a login and password to use the application. The steps to configure employees’ access to the system are described in more detail in the next section.