Fuel pump controllers


The fuel pump controller is designed to control the operation of fuel pumps at the gas station. Control and monitoring of the controller is performed by inCust Fuel and Energy software. InCust software allows you to control multiple fuel controllers. Also, you have the ability to adjust the settings for fuel delivery.

The principle of operation of the fuel  pump controller:
A controller is connected to the fuel pump, which controls the automated fuel delivery using inCust Fuel and Energy software. Changes in the indicators of the sensors are noted in the electronic log of the controller and are automatically transmitted to the gas station server. The server processes the data and stores it in the database. Users’ requests are also processed and the requested information is sent. Data access is configured in the Business Panel, authorization is done by entering a login and password.

Important: Detailed instruction how to set up the fuel pump controller and work with it can be found via link.