Statistics: Customer activity

Here are a few graphs that are related to the assessment of customer activity. The chart “Customer rating by visits” displays the customers who came to you in the selected time period, indicating the number of their visits.

In the chart “Customer Activity”, customers are divided into 4 groups:

New customers – customers who made a purchase for the first time in this period.
Active customers – customers who made purchases in both the current and previous reporting periods.
Dormant  customers – customers who made purchases in the previous reporting period, but did not in the current one.
Lost customers – customers who didn’t purchase anything in the current or previous period.

Try to choose the correct reporting period, this affects the separation of customers into these groups. What is the average frequency of purchase from your customer? For example, a coffee shop and a furniture store have a different frequency of purchases. Therefore, in a furniture store it is incorrect to consider a customer being “lost” who bought a sofa last week, but did not buy it at this one. And likewise, it is incorrect to consider a coffee shop customer active if he buys a glass of coffee every quarter. Think about how often most of your customers make purchases and choose the correct reporting period from the proposed options (quarter, month, week).

Important: If you want to analyze the month of work, you should select the “by weeks” item from the drop-down menu; otherwise, you will receive incorrect information.