Terminal and salespeople: Operation modes of inCust Terminal

  • The Terminal – is the workplace of the salesperson. This is the standard mode for conducting transactions, both directly and in integration with other accounting systems.
  • Steward mode – This mode is used for serving by waiters at tables. In this case, you must have one terminal in common and terminals in Steward mode for each waiter. Waiters must use the inCust Terminal mobile app to work with customers.
  • Validator Mode –  In this mode, this is the workplace of the person who checks tickets and certificates. To work in this mode, use the inCust Terminal mobile application.
  • Prepaid Services Mode – Through this terminal, you can redeem services from prepaid cards. You can use the inCust Terminal program or API to make a redemption.

Send SMS message about payment with inCust mobile app to this phone number (specify number as +1…): –  If you have mobile payments connected, enter the phone number where the notification of payment will be sent.

Allow payment of arbitrary amount via mobile app – If this option is turned on, the customer can pay an arbitrary amount. To do this, the customer has to scan the static QR code of the cash terminal with the inCust mobile app.

Allow cancellation of operation with one-time Steward code – One-time code of Steward allows only one operation, after which, for security purposes, the code becomes invalid. If you need to carry return operations or cancel sales operations using the one-time code of Steward, turn this option on.