Account of a customer

See Customer account (II)

Bonus point

The reward, which is granted to a customer or a visitor and which represents the achievement of the customer in their relations with the business. It is provided as points, which are used to calculate the discount during the next purchases of goods and services, offered by the Business. Also, Bonus points are credited to the accounts of inCust clients (see Bonus account).

Bonus account

The type of customer account (I), used to track bonus points within one or several loyalty programs, run by the same Business. Businesses, which are inCust clients, in turn, have bonus accounts within inCust itself. These bonus accounts are used to track bonus points, credited by inCust to its business clients within a referral program or during other special events.

Business, brand

A client of inCust Inc. that uses inCust as a platform to run a loyalty program for its customers.

Card category

A group of customer cards, that are eligible to special terms of a loyalty program. Card categories are created for easier segmentation of customers.

Certificate (also “gift card”)

The advance payment for goods or services, followed by crediting the corresponding customer’s account in the loyalty program of the business.

Confirmation code

A special code, which is sent in an SMS message to identify a customer, who tries to authenticate with the mobile phone number as the one who has the right to access the account.

Control panel for business

The section on the inCust website, where businesses manage their loyalty programs, view statistics, get access to the customer database, and perform financial and reporting operations, related to their use of inCust services.

Control panel for customers

The section on the inCust website, where customers can see the balance of their accounts, review the history of operations, receive special offers from businesses. Also, one can fill and change the personal data, which let customers make the above offers more relevant.


Possibility to let a customer get an additional benefit when paying for the goods or services, offered by the business.The benefit can be a discount or a possibility to pay just a minimal price for the goods or services, or have some other form, as defined by the business. Coupons are used to attract new customers and to track the effectiveness of various marketing activities.


A client of a business, an end user of a loyalty program.

Customer account (I)

Information about the achievements or goods, that “belong” to the customer. Customer accounts are similar to banking accounts, but inCust system supports several types of accounts — bonus accounts, currency-based accounts and goods and services accounts. Also see Bonus account.

Customer account (II)

The information about the customer in the inCust system, which includes customer accounts (I), personal information and the information, needed to access and use inCust system.

Customer card

A digital card, used for customer identification and for access to a customer account, where the history of their purchases is stored, and customer accounts (I) are tracked. A customer card is represented by the mobile phone number of a customer. When conducting operations, that involve the inCust-based loyalty program, a customer can show the QR code, which accounts for a customer card. This code is dynamically generated by the inCust customer app.

Customer portal in the mobile app

The page of the business in the inCust app for customers.
The portal includes

  • a picture and a logo that identify the business;
  • descriptions of the loyalty programs, offered by the business;
  • addresses and links to social networks and other online resources of the business;
  • the list of points of sales that participate in the loyalty programs of the business;
  • news;
  • information about goods and services;
  • the history of payments made by the customer to the business, which involved inCust-based loyalty programs.

Reduction of the amount that the customer needs to pay for a set of goods or services.


Special goods or services, which can be purchased using only the bonus account. In bookkeeping, such gift can be accounted as a sale for the minimum price, allowed by law. The cost of a gift expressed in bonus points can differ from the price of the same goods or services at the point of sale.

Gift card

See Certificate

Goods and services account

The type of customer account (I), which holds information about goods or services, for which the customer either has paid in advance or received the right to obtain these goods and services in some other way (such as a gift or reward).

Goods category

A group of goods with similar properties. Categories are used for the easier search for goods in the inCust Register when a salesperson makes (registers) a sale of goods of services.

inCust app for customers

The mobile application for smartphones and tablets, used by customers, with the digital card (dynamic authentication code), the catalog of businesses, news and access to customer account data.

inCust Kiosk app

The mobile app, installed at the point of sale, which lets customers authenticate themselves, get bonus points or a gift, and also shows news and special offers. Customers authenticate themselves either by entering the phone number or by scanning the digital card (QR code), dynamically created by the inCust app for customers.

inCust LoginPad

The mobile app, installed at the point of sale, which lets customers authenticate themselves. Customers authenticate themselves either by entering the phone number or by scanning the digital card (QR code), dynamically created by the inCust app for customers.

inCust Terminal (Register)

The app that is used by salespeople, who process sales which involve inCust-based loyalty programs. It exists as a mobile app and a web-based application on the inCust website.

inCust Steward

The mobile app for waiters, which is installed on the mobile device and helps carry the information about the customer to the accounting system.

Login for Terminal (Register)

A unique login to sign in to the inCust Terminal web application or mobile app. See inCust Terminal

Loyalty program

A set of rules for rewarding customers, that are applied to customer accounts when performing sales operations.

Point of Sale

The place, where the business sells its good and services to customers.

Push notification

A text message, delivered using push notification mechanism built into smartphones. Such message is delivered when a customer has inCust app for customers installed on their smartphone.

Redeeming of bonus points

Use of bonus points to provide a customer with a discount and deduction of the used bonus points from the bonus account of this customer.

Referral code

A unique code, received from a business, that references inCust to another business which becomes new inCust client. Referral code is used during registration of business in inCust service for the purpose of starting a loyalty program. Entering a referral code when registering lets the recommending business receive bonus points to its bonus account in the inCust system (the number of points depends on the amount of payments, made by the business that uses the referral code, over the course of use of inCust service). See Bonus account.


An employee or another representative of the business, who performs the sale operation to customers.

Service plan

The list, the price and the terms of service and instruments, that inCust Inc. offers to a business.


A text message which is sent as a push notification if a customer has the inCust app for customers installed. Otherwise an SMS message is sent.

SMS message

A text message, which is sent to the customer’s mobile phone number using the services of the cell phone carrier.

Special bonus points

Bonus points, which are limited in time or which have special terms of use.