Customer at the cash desk. Salesperson records sales using inCust Terminal Online App

The easiest way to identify a customer at the cash desk and credit bonus points to him is usage of inCust Terminal Online App. This is a web-application for sales recording that can be used on any tablet or computer. This program records sales, as well as credits and redeems customer rewards.

To identify the customer the salesperson needs only his mobile phone number. This allows your business to implement a loyalty program instantly without buying additional equipment.

Instead of mobile phone numbers you can use a digital card in the inCust mobile app. To scan a QR-code from screen of customer smartphone or smartwatch you need a scanner.

We recommend using a tablet running the Android OS, as a scanner, which is mounted with screen to the customer. You need install inCust Kiosk. program on the tablet. It doesn’t only promote your loyalty program, but also allows customers to identify themselves. The customers scan digital card via tablet camera on their own. Or enter mobile phone number, without waiting for the salesperson.

This helps to save time and will be useful for businesses with large flow of customers. Identification data transmits via the ‘cloud’ directly to the workplace of the salesperson. The customer at the cash desk in turn may look through your special offers and even leave a review about the salesperson!

Instead of tablet you can also use a two-dimensional code scanner that has to be connected to a computer or tablet.

The customer at the cash desk. Salesperson records sales with the help of the accounting system, cash register or POS

If you have a cash register, POS or accounting system, you can act in two ways:
1. You can use separately POS-system and separately inCust for loyalty programs. In case of redeeming bonus points as a discount in the inCust system salesperson has to enter manually check discount to your POS, cash register or accounting system. This is a simple start version; it is suitable when there is no possibility to integrate services. Control of salesperson is carried out by comparing the reports on credited discounts issued by POS or accounting system.
2. You can integrate your POS-system with our open system commands. There are a number of POS-systems already integrated with our services. In the ‘Documents’ are examples of program code, which will allow your programmers to easily implement such integration. Or you can contact us on this matter.

Customer self-service without salesperson. Reward for visit

If you are ready to implement a loyalty program with elements of the game form and you want to do this as quickly as possible, then there is a simple and effective option as self-service.

This scheme does not require the salesperson to do at least anything. The customer is involved in the ‘game’: credit bonus points and redeem them on his own.

Despite its apparent simplicity and unpretentious, it is an extremely effective tool for collection of customers data and making loyalty programs. In essence, you are paying bonus points to the customer only for the visit.

Tablet computer running Android is mounted with screen to the customer. The inCust Kiosk program is running on the tablet.
The customer enters a mobile phone number or scans the screen of smartphone/smartwatch with installed inCust app. He is credited bonus points.

Also, the customer sees a list of what he can get for collected/credited bonus points. If the bonus points amount is enough, the customer can use it on his own. For example, get a discount on a service or a gift.

For this purpose it is necessary to show salesperson the screen of the smartphone/smartwatch, which indicates information about redeeming.

Reward for the visit – the magic of iBeacons. Special offers

iBeacons is a small device that can automatically launch inCust program on the phone of your potential customer who is nearby. You can credit customer a reward per visit or show him special offers.
This way you can make your customer interested to come to your store.

Service of Customers in Hall

Another way of working with customers is suitable for cafés, restaurants, and pubs: it allows you to credit and redeem bonus points directly at the table. There is no need to go to the cash register to read the digital card (QR-code) or enter the number.
When a waiter comes to the table to serve a customer, he/she uses inCust Terminal app in Steward mode on a smartphone or tablet. Waiter identifies the customer by their phone number or by scanning inCust digital card from a customer’s smartphone/smartwatch screen.
inCust Terminal in Steward mode saves generated one-time temporary card, in which your POS-system is able to carry out crediting and redeeming. This option is handy when using, for example, a system such as R-Keeper.

‘Mobile’ salespeople or field work

inCust allows you to work with customers and credit bonus points to them even during provision of services and selling goods in the field or while driving. For example, this can be an employee of a car washing station who accepts payment through the car window, or a street salesman who sells hot dogs.

For such operations, you need to install the inCust Terminal app on a smartphone or tablet (on the Android or iOS platform) or use the WEB application in the browser, accessible on

It’s important that inCust Terminal, on all platforms, allows you to record the fact of the sale even without an Internet connection. Without a connection, the application works offline and saves information about the transaction on the mobile device. In this mode, the customer cannot redeem bonus points or coupons during the transaction, but when the device is connected to the network and the order information is sent to the server, the customer will receive all new rewards to their accounts in the system.

Online shoppers

You can integrate your online store with inCust system. This will allow you easily set up a loyalty program, as well as to carry out joint activities with partners or offline stores.
For these purposes we are ready to give you free API and all the instructions with examples.

inCust for vending

With help of our API you can offer your customers new ways of receiving payments (for example, pay for purchase in the machine directly from the mobile app), a subscription service scheme and to ensure loyalty to the vending machines. Most commonly, device screen or opportunity to enter the mobile phone number of the customer is enough to connect the inCust.