Using commercial accounts

The new Сommercial customers module offers new opportunities for automating interactions between a company, supplier, and employees that use a supplier’s product or service.

This module will be useful:

for companies that purchase goods and services for corporate needs or for distribution to employees. This can be fuel, lunches, supplies, parking spaces, etc.

for suppliers of goods and services that operate under B2B and B2B2C schemes and would like to make it easier for customers to control distribution of these goods and services among customers’ employees.

With the help of the Сommercial customers module, a company that consumes or supplies goods or services can create and configure a prepaid account, set the necessary limits, and provide access to this account to employees who use these goods and services. Accounts make it possible both to organize provision of goods or services and to make mutual settlements between the supplier and the consumer.

Employees can use certain services or receive goods within limits that were set for them by the company, without the need for plastic cards, coupons, or coupons. Employee authorization is possible by different means: by phone, through a mobile application, chatbot, or using a QR code. These methods don’t require any additional equipment.

You can find out more information by reading our article “Managing commercial accounts with control over access of personnel