Is it possible to use bonus points credited by my company for making purchases of goods and services in other companies?
No. Bonus points received by customers in your points of sale can be used only on products/services of your business.

What is the difference between bonus points and promotional bonus points?
Bonus point is deferred discount. It can be redeemed in bill as discount that reduces the amount to pay. In contrary to the usual, promotional bonus points have a lifetime. They have expiration date and if they won’t be spent until that date, they will be lost.

What is the difference between bonus points account and customer account?
On customer account their rewards are saved. It can be Money (prepayment), Goods (liters of fuel) or Scores (every seventh cup of coffee). They can be credited manually in the Control Panel or automatically according to rules of your loyalty program. From the customer account only entire bill amount can be paid. For this in the inCust Register you need to select the appropriate customer account in the menu item ‘Payment type’.
You can pay part with bonus points; spent bonus points are displayed in the bill as a discount.
Bonus points account accumulates bonus points in the currency in which Register works.

Where is my data stored?
All data is stored in the ‘cloud’ on the servers located in the US. It is a storage, which doesn’t allow even physically identify the server. In addition, backups of all data are done on a regular basis.

Will you sell my data to someone?
No, we never share or sell information about our clients and loyalty programs customers.

Do you share data with the Tax Administration?
No, we don’t cooperate with state bodies and don’t share information about clients and inCust loyalty program customers.

Is it possible to send spam using your service?
No. Only users of your business loyalty program and only those who have given a phone number for crediting bonus points (discount) can receive information or news messages.

How can customer refuse to participate in the inCust loyalty program?
In order to terminate their participation in the loyalty program, don’t be involved in savings or discounts, promotions, and also don’t receive messages from the business, the customer must enter the personal account using website or inCust mobile app and select option ‘Delete an account’. After that customer won’t be able to redeem or be credited rewards at any point of sale, which is involved in the inCust loyalty program. In fact, it is block of customer card.

How can customers with push-button phones take a look at their wallet?
The customer can always log in to personal account on the site myincust.com. To enter he can use his mobile phone number or an email address and password. Email address must be indicated in personal account on the site myincust.com.

What has to be done if customer lost/changed mobile number?
The main customer identifier is a mobile phone number. It is used by businesses for crediting gifts, bonus points and discounts. Therefore inCust doesn’t change the customer phone number without coordination with each partner. The customer may apply to those points of sale where he has been credited bonus points, gifts or special service conditions for finding solution/choice of method of transferring loyalty program from one card (the phone number) to another (to another phone number). For example, you can ‘pay off’ bonus points on one card (one telephone number) and credit them to the other (to another number).

How can customer disable SMS-information?
To disable SMS-information customers need to visit the site my.incust.com enter Customer Account using the phone number or the phone number connected with email address and password. In personal account customer must go to the tab ‘User profile’ and descend to the unit ‘SMS notifications’. Dragging the lever to the left you can deactivate the receipt of information ‘about discounts and offers’ and ‘about your operations’. Here you can also disable email notifications.

Is it possible to set up payment of goods or services by customer via mobile app?
Yes. This service can be connected. Please contact us to determine the connection method.

In some tariff plans there is taken interest from operations. What if salesperson made a mistake and entered too much money?
We offer to warn potential mistakes of salesperson. For this it is needed to set items and their prices in the Control Panel. Then salesperson will only choose the products in the inCust Register and set their number. Errors will be excluded.

My salesperson made a mistake. How could he cancel the transaction?
inCust Register has an opportunity to view the history of transactions and cancel some of them. Transaction can’t be edited, because when you change the amount or product names in the bill, also in bill may change discounts, bonus points and gifts. You can cancel the transaction and make a new one.

My customer for purchase was credited 100 points. He spent those bonus points for a gift and then decided to make a return on the initial purchase. In fact, he will get a free gift. Will system let doing it?
In case of cancellation of transaction inCust returns everything to its original state. So, the customer has return of money and all credited rewards for that transaction redeem from his account.
If the customer doesn’t have enough funds on the customer account or on the bonus points account, for example, he has already spent bonus points, the transaction won’t be canceled. Decide with the customer on an individual basis, if necessary credit the required amount of bonus points or the necessary amount of funds to the customer account to cancel the transaction (to return everything to its original state).

The customer doesn’t receive SMS messages or complains about the delay in the receipt.
Most often the reason is no network signal in moment of receiving a message. It happens in the stores located in the basement.
The mobile operator is free to decide when to try again, inCust has no influence on this decision.
SMS messages can’t be received if the phone memory is full and the phone doesn’t accept any new messages. Usually we recommend clearing the memory and rebooting the phone.
In general, we recommend sending SMS messages for information, encouraging the customer to install the mobile app on smartphone. When using the mobile app there are no problems in receiving SMS messages.
As a scanner for card QR-code in a mobile app you can use program inCust Kiosk on the tablet running Android.

How can I find out if the customer has received my message?
In the ‘Messages’ in the Control Panel you can see the status of each message sent to customer.