Popular business questions

Section 1. General and commercial issues

Section 2. Implementation issues (How do I…)

Section 1. General and commercial issues

Do you have a global loyalty program with a large number of members?
No. The principle of our platform is simple. Every business has its points of sale and a loyalty program. If there are several business networks (such as groceries and gas stations), then you can create a common loyalty program or two (or more) different loyalty programs with different rules. In this case, customer’s bonus points which are received in one loyalty program will be valid for both programs.

I want my own loyalty program in which inCust will not be mentioned
Although using the common inCust brand has significant advantages (the common customer app, recognition of inCust as a brand), we understand your wishes. That is why we offer our services of customization and personalization (white-labeling) of the software and launching of loyalty programs under your brand name and on your equipment. Please check https://incust.com/ua/white-label/ page for details.

Where is my loyalty program database stored?
All data are stored on the servers located in Canada and managed by inCust Inc. employees. If you want to keep the data under your own control, we can offer software customization service, which provides such possibility. Please check https://incust.com/ua/white-label/ page for details.

Do you transmit transaction data to third parties and government institutions?
No, we do not cooperate with state bodies and don’t share information about clients and inCust loyalty program customers. It should be noted that inCust Inc. may not violate the law and deny the lawful requests of the authorities if they have a court warrant or powers sufficient to require disclosure of certain data. If you do not like this limitation, you can order the software customization service and store the data under your control. Please check https://incust.com/ua/white-label/ page for details.

I already have a loyalty program. Can you offer me something better?
You can migrate to the loyalty program based on inCust and continue to support existing customer IDs (card numbers or credit cards). If you do not want to abandon your current loyalty program, you can still take advantage of certain inCust functionality such as coupons and gift cards, as well as authorization and authentication via mobile phones and the mobile app.

Can I have access to all customers that are members of the loyalty programs based on inCust?
You get access to the information about customers who signed up for your loyalty program and can send them a message (via SMS or to the mobile app). Access to the information about customers who are members of other loyalty programs or sending them messages is impossible if the customer is not registered in your program.

Is inCust integrated with the {your name here} POS system?
The question of integration is complicated because it depends on the capacity and willingness of the authors of a POS system. Please contact our sales department (for example, e-mail sales@incust.com), and we will try to help with integration.
In any case, right now, you have an opportunity to use the inCust Register app in “manual mode”, transferring the purchase amount and the estimated discount or bonus points manually from the POS system into inCust Register and vice versa. So, the lack of integration is not a showstopper in using inCust.

Section 2. Implementation issues (How do I…)

How can I credit bonus points to the customer?
You can set up automatical crediting of bonus points in “Loyalty Rules”. See details in video tutorial https://incust.com/ua/knowledgebase/tutorials/text/first-steps-customer-registration-crediting-redeeming-bonus-points-communication-customers/

You can also credit bonus points “manually”. To credit bonus points go to “Customers”. If you are going to credit bonus points to all customers, go directly to crediting. If not – select one or more customers by putting a checkmark in the appropriate row or form a group of customers using the set of criteria. Click “Actions” and “Credit bonus points to customers.” Enter bonus point amount and select the Register through which the transaction will be done. In the Message field, you can enter any text, which informs the customers about crediting of bonus points. If you leave the field blank, it sends the system message with this text: “{business name} – bonus points earned: X, on-hand: Y”.

How can I “manually” redeem bonus points?
For redeeming of bonus points, you need to do the operation using the phone number of the customer on a number of bonus points that should be redeemed using payment with bonus points as a payment option. One-time password for redeeming of bonus points can be seen in the sent message in the “Messages” section.
If you do not want to annoy customers with redundant messages, you can disable this option and do the operation of redeeming bonus points without sending the confirmation password via SMS. You can also configure the way customers are alerted about the ongoing transaction ( “Loyalty Programs”, “ADDITIONAL SETTINGS”, “The limit of redemption of bonus points without an SMS confirmation” “Notify customers by”, “transaction”, “Do not notify “). When using this option, please note that these settings work with a loyalty program in whole, so this operation should better be conducted in after-hours of the point of sale. After correcting the balance of the customer, return the regular payment settings of limiting payments with bonus points without confirmation and of notification of customers about transactions.

How can I configure low balance alerts?
In the right upper corner of the Control Panel, you will find the name and the ID of the account. Click on it and select “My Account”. Go to “Notifications” and specify the minimal balance and in what way (SMS, push or E-mail) you want to receive notifications.

What to do if the salesperson has made a mistake and entered too large transaction amount?
We suggest to prevent possible mistakes of the salesperson by setting the prices of goods in the Business Control Panel. Then the salesperson will just choose goods from inCust Register and indicate their amount.

My salesperson has made a mistake. How could they cancel the transaction?
inCust Register has an opportunity to view the history of transactions and cancel some of them. A transaction cannot be edited because when you change the amount or product names in the check, discounts, bonus points, and gifts can also be changed. You can cancel the transaction and make a new one.
Sign in to the inCust Register, which was used to perform the wrong transaction. Click “History” (at the top of the screen), where you can select a specific period to search for the desired operation. The “Cancel” button for each transaction can be found in the far right column.

If the transaction was canceled, was the transaction fee charged anyway?
As the service was provided by a system (the transaction was conducted), it is being paid for.

My customer has been credited with 100 points for the purchase. He has spent those bonus points for a reward and then decided to make a return on the initial purchase. In fact, he will get a free reward. Will the system allow such operation?
In the case of cancellation of the transaction, inCust returns everything to the original state. So, the customer gets their money back, and all credited bonus points or other valuables for that transaction are redeemed from their account.
If the customer does not have enough benefits on the customer account, for example, when they have already spent bonus points, the transaction will not be canceled. You need to decide with the customer individually; if needed, credit the required amount of bonus points or the necessary amount of funds to the customer account to cancel the transaction (to return everything to its original state).

How can I change the business name specified in the SMS message?
The SMS will contain the name, which you specify in the public description of the loyalty program. Go to “Loyalty Programs”, then click “Change loyalty program “, scroll down, and you will see the “Public name” field. Be sure to include the name in all desired languages.

The customer does not receive SMS messages or complains about the delay in receiving. What should I answer?
Most often the reason is the lack of the network signal in the moment of receiving a message. It happens in the stores located underground or when there’s insufficient network coverage in the area.
A mobile operator is free to decide when to retry the delivery, and inCust has no influence on this decision.
SMS messages cannot be received if the phone memory is full and the phone does not accept any new messages. Usually, we recommend cleaning the memory and rebooting the phone.
In general, we recommend sending SMS messages for information, encouraging the customer to install the mobile app on a smartphone. When using the mobile app there are no problems in receiving SMS messages –customers can authenticate themselves with the QR code shown in the mobile app.
You can use inCust Kiosk app on the Android-powered tablet as a scanner for QR code.

How can I find out if the customer has received my message?
You can see the status of each message sent to customer in the ‘Messages’ in the Control Panel.

Can I disable sending of SMS messages to customers during the first transaction (“Welcome to inCust. Rules …”)?
As required by law in many countries, the customer must be given an opportunity to read the public agreement, unsubscribe from messages, and refuse to participate in loyalty programs, so customers must be informed about how and where to do this.

I have sent mass SMS, some messages have “rejected” status, why?
We are against spam, so we have some restrictions on sending of SMS messages. You can send messages only to those customers who have confirmed their participation in the loyalty program. This confirmation can come as redeeming of bonus points, customer authentication in the inCust mobile app for customers or in Customer Control Panel at my.incust.com. If the customer has not confirmed their participation in any way, the customer will not receive your SMS newsletter. Such messages will be marked rejected, they are not sent and will not affect your balance.

If I add a field in the customer form, where it appears?
Added fields appear in your Register (salesperson`s workplace – https://register.incust.com). You can collect additional information about customers by filling these fields when you register the purchase.

Can I make a questionnaire field in the customer form?
You can add a field in the questionnaire and set specific data type in which you can enter a list of options. In inCust Register you can choose one of the options for answers from the drop down menu.

How can I import my existing customers’ data to the system?
To import, prepare a file in CSV format (you can save Excel file in CSV format). In the file, there must be one customer per line, and telephone numbers must be in international format (the number must be started with +). Note, that you can import only two types of data by default: telephone number and additional card number (if some of the customers use plastic cards). If you want to import additional data, create appropriate fields in the customer questionnaire.
When everything is ready, go to “Import customer”, select the separator that you used when creating the CSV file, select a loyalty program in which you are going to import the data and upload your data file. Next, you need to put down a match between the information types and file columns. In the column, where you can find phone numbers, select “Phone” in drop-down menu; for numbers with additional cards, choose “Additional cards”. Then click “Import”.

If I create several rules in the loyalty program, how do I adjust their interactions?
To do this, you have to define rule priority. The rule, which must be applied first, has the priority of 0, the second is – 1, etc. Also, you need to define whether rules should be combined or not.

Example: you need to credit 20% of bonus points from the check in the morning, and the rest of the time give just 10%.
Set up the first rule: it is applied from 9.00 am to 11.00 am, credit amount is 20%, ??priority is 0, not combined with other rules. (This rule is applied first and if the condition is met and time is really morning – 20% will be credited, the second rule is not applicable). The second rule: credit amount is 10%, priority is 1, not combined with other rules. If the conditions of the first rule are not fulfilled (e.g. current time is afternoon), the first rule will not be applied and the system will automatically apply the second rule.

How do I amend my client details when rendering the Certificate of acceptance of provided services?
You can add details in “My Profile” section of the Control Panel (you will find the name and profile ID in the upper-right corner, click on it and select “My Account”), in “Financial Information”. All information that you insert there automatically appears in the “Certificate of acceptance of provided services.”

I have added a product in the “Goods and services” list, and it is not visible in inCust Register Online App
Check if you have set the price of the product, if not – set the price, then the product will appear in the Register. If the price of your product is not fixed, then choose ‘Variable price’ in the description of the goods (listed price is used as the base, but you can change it in the inCust Register at the time of the sale).

What does the “Beta” note in additional settings of the Loyalty Program mean?
It means that some functionality is in beta testing. If you are interested in implementing it and do not want to wait until it becomes publicly available, contact us and we will discuss the options for implementing it in your loyalty program.

I see mean that I have an unread message, but I can’t find it within all messages.
Go to “Messages” section, select the desired time period, check “Unread” option and click “Show messages”.