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About inCust loyalty programs

Earn bonus points, get discounts and gifts – without any plastic cards!

It is beneficial and convenient


All you need is your phone number, and you’re in the game! This simple connection to the loyalty program makes people happy, and the process becomes as convenient as possible. If you want to spend your bonus points, just pass the code received via SMS to the sales person, and the discount is yours. And if you have a smartphone, you can use much more benefits that inCust offers.


Even if you lose your phone, you can easily restore access to your personal inCust account– just contact inCust Customer Service.


With inCust, you can instantly find information about the latest sales, special offers, and new products or services at your favorite shops. Use inCust mobile app and discover new places of entertainment and shopping – everywhere you go!


The inCust mobile app is the easiest way to access all collected bonus points and discounts with each merchant. A smartphone isn’t required, though: the exact number of saved bonus points is sent via SMS after each purchase.


Bonus points give satisfaction, but there is more joy in buying gifts for your loved ones. A gift certificate is a perfect present for any occasion. With the inCust mobile application, you will be able to issue a personal digital gift certificate for the goods and services of any business connected to inCust.


The reward for making a purchase is an opportunity to spend the saved bonus points on things you enjoy.

What do you get with inCust mobile application?


Scroll down the feed for the latest news, special offers, discounts and coupons. Get to know the most interesting ones and look for the nearest point of sale.

WALLET FOR BONUS points, discounts and gifts

Find out how much you have saved up already. How many bonus points, discounts, coupons and gifts you have. It’s simpler than ever! Each purchase with inCust adds to your wallet.

SHOW your virtual card to a seller

Don’t want to give your phone number away? No problem! Simply show the virtual card on the screen of your smartphone or smartwatch and pay with your bonus points without a confirmation message.

All available points of sale - goods, services, entertainment

Become a member of inCust loyalty club, have access to an extensive catalogue and browse interesting places, shops, service centers nearby.

SEND messages to people and companies

Want to share something valuable with your relatives or friends? Have you found special offers or coupons which will be of interest? Need to contact the administrative personnel? Now, you can easily send direct messages via inCust.

PUSH-messages instead of annoying texts (SMS)

Tired of uncontrolled tons of SMS? inCust mobile app offers you versatile push-messaging instead, and the ability to regulate which messages to get. Enjoy inCust app on your Android or Apple device.

About inCust – enjoy your life!

International rewards and discounts club inCust unites companies around the world who want to make you happy by offering their own special offers via inCust. When buying goods or services, become a member of a loyalty program and earn bonus points, get discounts and gifts from inCust partners.


Got any questions?

Please look through the most popular questions. You may find the answer to your questions there.

inCust is easy to use: while payment for your purchase tell to a seller or a cashier your phone number or show a virtual card on inCust mobile application screen.

Your bonus points, discounts, coupons, gifts, messages and other information will stay with you, even if you lose your phone or change your number. Go to the client’s account using your email address and password you provided during registration or fill out the form (below) to which you must attach a photo of two checks of recent purchases made at a point of sale of one of inCust’s partners, and your new phone number.

To turn off notifications, go to “Client’s account”, using the mobile phone number or email and password previously defined. Click on the tab “Profile” in the client’s board and switch off the field “About your operations”.

To turn off advertisements, go to “Client’s account”, using the mobile phone number or email and password previously defined. Click on the tab “Profile” in the client’s board and switch off the field “About the discounts and special offers” (for SMS and Email, separately).

To completely remove and disconnect your account from inCust, go to “Client’s account”, using the mobile phone number or email and password previously defined. Click on the tab “Profile”. Click “Delete account”.

Support and assistance

Attention: information about the rules of the loyalty program, size and terms of bonus point crediting and redemption should be requested at the corresponding point of sale.