Fuel and Energy: Overview of the setup procedure

To automate the processes of servicing vehicles at gas stations, as well as servicing electric vehicles at charging stations, the inCust platform provides a comprehensive solution with the ability to implement both with or  without integration. To start the automation, first, you need to choose the integration scheme for the fuel station.

In order to automate service using the inCust platform, you will need to purchase a Fuel pump controller or use the API to set up integration with the checkout, which in turn will perform the functions of a controller.

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With the inCust platform, you can implement two models of Customer Self-Service or service using an Assistant (cashier at the point of sale).

Self service

This service model allows the customer to go through the entire buying process on their own in the mobile app or on the touch-screen of the fuel pump.  

In this case, the mobile application communicates with the Fuel pump controller. The server part communicates with the controller on the fuel pump or via API with the cash register system for fuel shipment. 

  • The driver uses the inCust Kiosk app on a tablet installed at the station or on a screen built into a pump or charging rack.

The following modules are available to the driver:

  • loyalty
  • payment
  • advertising and marketing

With the help of the Assistant (cashier)

With the help of an assistant, you can serve your customers directly at the fuel pump

  • The assistant serves the driver using a phone, tablet or computer

In this case, the application communicates with the Fuel pump controller. The server part communicates with the controller on the fuel pump or via API with the control system for fuel shipment.

  • No integration. The assistant serves the driver on a phone, tablet or computer manually (through a cash register or a fuel pump or counter) for crediting / redeeming / prepaying funds. And it ships fuel or energy manually.

The operation is somewhat similar to the operation of accepting payment by credit card through a separate terminal. The assistant authorizes the driver by phone number, QR code in the mobile application or chat bot, using a plastic card, and  credited / redeemed / prepayed funds.

A detailed description of the gas station automation process, customer service options and the implementation process is described in the article “Automation of customer service and communication processes at fueling and charging stations”.

In this manual, we show a system setting up that allows to go through the purchase process automatically. Thus the customer uses the inCust mobile application or the Kiosk, or the assistant performs the operation in the Terminal program and the fuel pump is automatically turned on for shipping fuel / charging energy.

The inCust platform helps to automate the collection of customer feedback when customers refuel the car by themselves at the fuel station: with the help of the customer application, self-service terminal Kiosk or other ways. How to do this, you can learn from the video “Collection of customer feedback in mobile app and with alternative methods to sell fuel

TO SUM UP: Buy a Fuel pump controller or set up an API integration for your control system or pos. Set up customer accounts, products, controller, customer’s store in the inCust mobile application (the listed functions are customizable for your needs and requirements). You can also order a personal branded application.