Coupon series

Coupon — a document on paper or in digital form, which gives the right to receive additional benefits. Usually, a coupon gives a discount or a special price for certain goods or services. Less often – crediting of the bonus points on the customer’s account.

Coupons are needed to attract new customers or to stimulate the purchase of a new product or service.

Coupon series –   is a set of settings and characteristics that all issued coupons in this series can have. All created coupon series can be found in the “Coupon Series” section. In this section you can create a new series of coupons or make changes to the settings of an existing series.

The “Coupons” section contains information about each coupon.

InCust uses modern loyalty programs, so all of our coupons are digital.

Each coupon has two states:

  • it is free and it can be transferred to the customers
  • it lies in the customer’s wallet

In the second case, it is no need to show the coupon at the checkout: the customer can identify himself, for example, by naming his phone number or showing the QR code of the inCust digital card on the screen of his smartphone or the smartwatch display.

Free, or unattached to the customer coupon can be received in several different ways. First – the customer saw a coupon in the social network and clicked on it. He can add the coupon to the wallet by indicating the mobile phone number on the website. Also, the customer can add the coupon to the wallet by scanning it from paper or a monitor/phone screen.

Some types of coupons require MLM network mechanics: distribution among your friends and acquaintances, either through a link on social networks, or by showing a QR code, or by sending an SMS. It is possible to set a special price on the coupon – to pay a reward for the recommendation. If the customer gives this type a coupon to his friend, then at the moment when the friend repays the recommender, he immediately receives a reward.

Sending coupon to the customer

Coupons can be distributed in various ways.

It doesn’t matter how the coupon is issued to the customer. For example, you can select a category of customers through a business panel and give them coupons, or at the time of the transaction, a certain rule in the loyalty program worked that issued a coupon. inCust will analyze the settings of your communication channels (for example, omnichannel push-viber-sms), and deliver the coupon to the customer in a convenient way

If the customer simply has the phone number indicated by the identifier, he will receive an SMS with a unique coupon code, which he can name at the point of sale r at the time of the next purchase. If the system indicated one of the messengers, then the information will be sent to this type of communication; the best option is if he has a mobile application installed: then the customer will receive an informative colorful coupon. This coupon will also automatically get into your wallet, which should make the customer come to your store.

Coupon usage

If the coupon is already in the customer’s wallet, the customer can identify himself at the checkout in any convenient way. For example, he can name his phone number or let him scan an inCust QR-card from the screen of a smartphone or “smartwatch”. At the same time, the salesperson will see coupons in his wallet and will offer to use it. Conveniently, the customer does not need to carry any papers for this.

If the coupon has not already attached to the customer, he can either dictate a unique code or scan a QR code from the smartphone screen also on the point of sale.

It is possible to install inCust Kiosk software at the point of sale, which allows customers to identify themselves without the help of a cashier: just enter your phone number or scan the QR code of a digital card. In this case, the customer sees all of his coupons and can choose which one to use.

Let’s go through each setting for creating a new coupon.