Overview of the Customer Feedback Features

The inCust platform helps businesses collect reviews and feedback from customers and clients.

Collecting customers’ feedback and ratings helps businesses to obtain useful information directly from the customer in the process of interaction of this customer with the business. Additionally, if customers and clients have negative experiences, they can solve their problems directly with management. It will help to reduce the negative experiences that can be spread on social media and other public channels.

While existing solutions only allow collecting reviews and ratings, the inCust platform is different. It allows you to authenticate a customer, invite them to leave a review after purchasing a product or service, and also give the customer a compliment (reward). A compliment is provided in the form of a coupon or bonus points after sending a review or rating. Moreover, this feedback tool helps to replenish the customer database, which allows you to conduct analysis and marketing campaigns among registered customers.

With these convenient tools, you can easily stimulate customers to leave reviews and reward them right away.

The customers can leave a rating and feedback as:

  • Text message
  • Audio recording
  • Picture

Feedback can be left through:

  • Web browser
  • Mobile app
  • Self-service panel Kiosk 
  • Chatbot

There are two ways a customer can leave feedback:

  1. Without making a purchase. For this, you need to create a QR-code and/or link and place them at points of sale or send them out in a message or an email letter.
  2. Only after making a purchase. The customer will receive an invitation to leave a review after registering the sale transaction in inCust (using the Terminal, e-store, chatbot or API).

Where an invitation to leave a review or rating can be posted:

  • Printed on a check
  • On the door of a store, a café, or a service point
  • Near the checkout or on a table in a restaurant
  • Sent as a Push message in the mobile app or chatbot
  • Sent via SMS or email

Ratings and reviews go to the Business Control Panel in the inCust service, and notification messages about them are sent to the specified e-mail address (it is possible to connect other channels upon request). Thanks to this, you always know about new messages and can quickly respond to feedback.

For you to respond to feedback, inCust offers omnichannel communication with customers. You will be able to reply to a review directly from the Business Control Panel, and the response will be sent via different communication channels, according to the settings.

The inCust platform makes it possible to distinguish between places where exactly a customer left a review. For this, a business can define the needed amount of “feedback sources” that are encoded in the invitation URLs and QR codes. The source is seen by you when you check a customer review or a rating in the Business Control Panel; it is also specified in the message that is sent to the business.

Detailed instructions for configuring the module “Customer Feedback”

Price of the solution (free and according to the price plans of the inCust platform)

For more information, read our article “Effective Method for Collecting Customer Feedback

The inCust platform helps to automate the collection of customer feedback when customers refuel the car by themselves at the fuel station: with the help of the customer application, self-service terminal Kiosk or other ways.

You can see how easy it’s to set up feedback collection in this video: