The coupon exchange

With the coupon exchange, offered by the inCust platform, your business can attract new customers by issuing coupons, and earn additional profits by distributing coupons, issued by other businesses.

You get new customers to your business when others distribute coupons that you issue.

Additional income becomes available, when your business distributes coupons, issued by others, and gives these coupons to your customers (e.g. prints them on the check or sends them to the customer accounts in the inCust system).

This way you are “buying” and “selling” customers to and from other businesses.

You will find coupons, issued by other businesses, on the coupon exchange. You can distribute these coupons among your customers. Businesses that issue coupons will pay you when the customer makes use of the coupon, provided by you. How much you earn when a customer uses the coupon, is specified next to the coupon on the coupon exchange page.

When the coupon is used, the specified amount will be charged from the account of the coupon issuing business, and after deducting the inCust platform fee, this amount will be credited to your bonus account in the inCust system. Alternatively, you can conclude the agreement with inCust Inc. and receive the coupon distribution reward using wire transfer to the bank account of your business.

If you want other businesses to distribute your coupons, then, when creating the coupon series, you need to specify that created coupons must be exposed on the exchange, and specify the amount which you are ready to pay for the efficient distribution of the coupon and attraction of the new customer. After doing this all businesses will be able to find your coupons on the exchange.

To distribute coupons of other businesses, you need to create a new coupon series, specify its type as “External” and provide the code of the coupon series, which you plan to distribute (you will find this code on the coupon exchange page next to each coupon). This way, coupons of the other business are “wrapped” into your coupons, and you distribute your coupons. The procedure of “wrapping” lets both you and the partner business observe the fact of the use of the coupon and control the efficiency of the marketing campaign, as well as the correctness of the payment operations, related to coupon distribution.

If needed, please, contact us for assistance with implementing coupons and the use of the exchange.