Integration with accounting system, POS

If you have any technical questions – call or write to
We recommend technical specialists watch Video tutorial №1 and №2, and try to scan customer digital card (QR-code from mobile app) using inCust Kiosk app or external scanner.
Your system provides opportunities to salesperson:
– enter customer phone number manually;
– scan the customer card QR-code in the inCust mobile app;
– scan the customer card.

In POS system you can invoke command to get from cloud storage inCust card balance or other card information.
Phone number you can transfer using parameter <cardphone> and if there is scanned code – use parameter <cardnumber>.

When your system has formed a bill, you invoke command <transaction> for crediting and redeeming of bonus points or discounts. All messages to customer will send inCust.
In case of customer identification by phone number, there is an additional command <sendsmscardotppassword> that initiates sending SMS-message with a password to customer.

To cancel the transaction use command <transactioncancel>.

Important! Instead of usage of QR-code scanner more effective is usage of mobile app for customers inCust Kiosk or inCust LoginPad.

This program allows customers to scan the QR-code using mobile app or enter mobile phone number on their own. If you need to integrate with these programs, feel free to contact us!

Description of commands is in document: incust_api_register_google_docs