Terminal and salespeople: Kiosk Modes

Turn on Kiosk – is an application for independent use by customers at the checkout, which allows to accelerate service due to independent authentication by the customer. Also, customers can receive information, news and offers from your business and evaluate your service.

  • Customer Authentication Mode. In this mode, the buyer can be identified on the tablet and receive a reward for each such “check-in”. You can adjust the amount of the reward and the frequency of receipt by the buyer.
    You can also configure the selection and receipt of rewards. In this mode, the buyer can identify on the tablet and select a reward for the accumulated points.
  • LoginPad mode is used in integration with the cashier, in this mode the customer is identified on the tablet and the data is transferred to the cashier in the salesperson`s accounting system. In this case, the customer does not need to dictate the phone number to the salesperson.
  • In Steward mode, after entering the phone number by the customer, a special code is generated, which the customer dictates to the salesperson instead of the phone number. Typically, this mode is used when integrating with accounting systems that do not support entering a phone number directly into the system.
  • Turn on iBeacon – iBeacon is a small device that can automatically launch the inCust program on your potential customer’s phone nearby. You can credit a reward to the customer for his visit or show him your special offer.

Important:In order to read in detail about the use of the Kiosk and its settings, follow the link