White Label
branded loyalty programs and customer interactions

The efficiency of inCust-branded service is, to some extent, based on the synergy of the individual participating businesses. The single mobile app and the name of the service (inCust) let customers be more active in using the offered services, including loyalty programs and marketing instruments like coupons and gift cards. They also increase trust in the marketing messages, which are sent via SMS or push notifications.

We understand that for your business promoting the brand name and the trademark and distancing them from the rest of the market can be the main factors when managing customer lifecycle.

So, we offer the service of individualization and creation of your exclusive customer management (so-called White Label service, re-branding of inCust service into your brand name). With this service, you get your own mobile app and the individual customer management system with dedicated control panels for both customers and salespeople.

Get all the benefits of inCust technologies for your brand with our White Label offering!

With customization inquiries, please contact general management at management@incust.com, call us at (+1) 804.404.9539, or use the contact form.

Custom solutions

We developed inCust as a platform for a wide range of solutions, where goods and services are delivered on prepaid basis. This includes fuel cards, welfare programs, and similar business needs.

If you need to develop such solution for you, please contact general management at management@incust.com, call us at (+1) 804.404.9539, or use the contact form.

Regular service or White Label?

Regular service White Label
Name of your business and your brand(s) Visible to customers together with inCust trademark Can be used as the name of the mobile app and service (inCust trademark is not displayed)
Your brand’s logo and other graphic elements Logo is shown as an attribute of the business or brand description Can be used in the design of the customer control panel and mobile apps
Messages sent without inCust being mentioned in the text Possible, subject to negotiations
Mobile app for customers Common to all businesses Individual mobile app is possible
Kiosk module Common to all businesses
(the app displays inCust logo and your brand name)
Individual app is possible
Chatbot Common to all businesses
Individual chatbot is possible
Customer Control Panel Common to all businesses
(customers browse through all business, with which they registered)
Individual control panel is possible
Customization of the platform’s business logic As provided by the platform Changes in the platform are possible to fit your business needs
Need for hardware If required, tablets or smartphones at points of sale are used If you need a customized solution with your own (possibly customized) server-side software, a dedicated server system is needed
Price As described in plans and prices Depends on the set of chosen features and customization