Set up “Product Categories”

Important: For products representing fuel or energy, ALWAYS fill out the field Product code or SKU: this CODE will be attached to the fuel or charging controller. For regular products, this code is used when you set up integration with accounting systems.


Important: In order for your Store to start working, you need to create at least one product and configure the following items:
Show in Store — Turn on the “Show in Store” option so the product or service can be seen and purchased in the Store.
Name and description in different languages — Please indicate this name and description in all possible languages. Our mobile application is shown to the customer in the language that is installed in the settings of the phone. According to this, if you fill out the information only in German, the customer with a smartphone that works in English will not see your information.
Additional Images To make customers more familiar with your product or service, upload additional images. There are no restrictions on the number and size, the image format must be jpeg or png.


You can set the price both in money and in account values. So the product can have 2 prices. For example, you can purchase goods for $5 or for 10 visits (in this case, a customer’s account must be created with possibility to accumulate visits).

To set a price, select Currency or Account (and which account), enter the price and click “Add New Price”.

Important: Please note that the goods will appear in the Terminal and in the Store only when the Price is set.

Recommended values

You can specify these values, so your customers can quickly select the most popular volumes of fuel or energy.

To configure the “Recommended values”, you need to specify

Value name – indicate this value in all languages used by users of the Business Control Panel.
Value type -you can set the recommended value in the currency or volume of fuel or energy.
Value – indicate the number of units that correspond to the specified “Recommended Value”.
Color – the color that you specify will be used to display the value in the customer’s application.