Customer accounts

You can use not only the bonus points or discount system, but also work with other customer accounts. Different values can be charged to these accounts, with which the customer can pay for certain goods.

Account name – The name of your account. This name will not be displayed anywhere but only in business panel.

Type of account

  • Money (for example, a non-cash account of the customer).
  • Products (such as a gift cup of coffee or liters of fuel).
  • Achievements (for example, every 7th cup of coffee is free or a gift for 1000 points scored. Usually, in order to write off achievements through the inCust Terminal, you must set the price of goods in the currency “Achievements” in advance).

Values are credited to the customer’s account according to the rules of the loyalty program, or you can use the software API.

The limit of redemption from customer account without an SMS confirmation – Enter the maximum amount to be debited above which, a PIN confirmation is required.

The list of goods codes – The customer will be able to pay from this account only goods with the indicated article number or product code.

For example, you can create an account named “Coffee drinks”, which can be used by a customer to pay for cappuccino, espresso. In this case, you must specify all product codes of coffee drinks for this account. Or, for example, you can create an account “Fuel card E93”, which can be restricted by product code of E93 gasoline only.

The product code or part number is passed through the API as a receipt by your POS or accounting system. Or it can be set in the control panel of inCust in the list of goods. Payment can be done with inCust Terminal, with your POS or accounting system.

Public title – Please write this name and description in all possible languages. Our mobile application is shown to the customer in the language that is installed in the settings of his phone. Accordingly, if you fill out the information only in Russian, the customer with a telephone set to English will not see your information.