Gift certificates: Services for prepaid cards

In this section you can create services that will be included in your series of prepaid certificates. Click “Create Service” to add a new service. 

In the “Service Title”, the name that you see and the customer does not  is set. Here you can specify the name that is most understandable to you, so as not to get confused between several certificate services.

 The “Public Title” and “Public Description” specify what customers will see. Fill these lines so that customers would be interesting to use the services, and it was clear that they provide. We recommend filling out in several languages so that multilingual customers can familiarize themselves with the services contained in the prepaid certificate.

Download a colorful image that will serve as an illustration of the service.

From the drop-down menu, select the Account that will be used  with this service and specify the amount that will be debited from the account when using this service. Choose which category this service belongs to and at what points of sale you can get it.

Determine whether the use of the service is limited by the loyalty program and by the point of sale. If there are restrictions, indicate them.

Example: the service can be used as part of the loyalty program no more than 10 times during the validity period of the certificate. And at a specific point of sale, you can use no more than 1 time in 1 day.