What is inCust?

inCust is a cloud-based solution for loyalty programs that acts as an intermediary between business and customer and helps them to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.

inCust provides all the necessary tools for the creation, configuration and analysis of loyalty programs, solutions for processing sales by salespeople, database of customers, the ability of doing selection on the basis of data and channels of communication with the customer.

In the inCust system customer is identified by a mobile phone number. Phone number in the inCust system associates with customer information, as well as with his accounts (bonus points, commodity, cash, discounts). Thus, the customer’s phone number is a ‘purse with pockets’, which contains offers from different businesses.

It is important that ‘pockets’ won’t confuse: credited bonus points from one business, can’t be used in point of sale of another one.

Instead of entering phone number the customer can install inCust free app on smartphone or smartwatch and show QR-code at the cash desk.

Work in system

General scheme of work in the inCust is following:
– You set loyalty program settings in the Control Panel.
– The salesperson records the sale in one of our solutions; for example, in free inCust Terminal Online App. Check of the purchase instantly transfers to the ‘cloud’, where it is processed as follows: inCust according to the loyalty program settings credits bonus points, discounts or rewards to the customer, or proceed redeeming. Also in the ‘cloud’ the check is modified and sent back to the salesperson workplace with all calculations. All calculations are made according to the settings of the loyalty program;
– inCust notifies the customer of crediting or redeeming bonus points;
– Loyalty program is managed through the Control Panel. This is the place where you manage loyalty program settings, reports, checks. In fact, Control Panel is administrative and marketing center of your loyalty systems: here you set up many features and terms, create loyalty programs, form distribution and create news for customers – all in a few clicks.
– Salesperson work is performed in the inCust Terminal (Register), which is a workplace of the salesperson, place of registration of sales. Your employee must have an Internet connection to work on desktop or laptop computer. Also, Terminal can be integrated to your POS- system. There are versions of this software for smartphones and tablets – inCust Terminal (Register) Mobile App for Android. The operating principle of the Terminal is to use loyalty program settings that were set before for customer identification (for example, it dictates the number) to his check.
– Version for customers, inCust mobile app for customers, is a collection of all the businesses and all the loyalty programs on a single platform. It provides all the information regarding the points of sale and loyalty programs, customers are also notified about the news, bonus points, discounts and sales.

Where are made the basic settings?

In the Control Panel you can set the operation of one or more businesses. Each business usually uses one loyalty program.

Loyalty program is a set of rules for customer service, as well as the name of the business or brand, which customers see. If you have a business, shop or chain, you will need only one loyalty program. If you have multiple businesses, brands and chains, you can create multiple loyalty programs with different names of businesses or brands, but with the general bonus points, coupons and certificates.
Each loyalty program serves only its own customers. Everything that relates to the loyalty program, to the categories of customers and to the rules, you can set in the menu Settings > Loyalty programs.
Every business is made up of one or more points of sale or customer service points, including shops, online stores, stationary and mobile points. Usually exactly these points of sale are usually specified in the advertisement. They can be set in Settings > Points of Sale.
At each point of sale are market places to serve customers. Free inCust POS Online App, cash register or external POS system can be installed at points of sale. In menu Settings > Terminals and salespeople you can set a list of logins and passwords that uniquely identify the salesperson and cash desk. Also in the Terminals and salespeople you can set special rules for a tool such as inCust Kiosk, which allows the customer to act on his own, without waiting for the salesperson and being nervous about it.

You can set products and services, their prices, and place them in different categories in the menu Settings > Goods and services. If you will do this, it will be easy and convenient for the salesperson to operate in the inCust Terminal.
You need Customer accounts, when you want to store and use your customer statistics.
Payment for inCust services, statistics on the use of funds, your work with the tariff plans, as well as accounting documents can be found in the My Account menu.

inCust opportunities

For business:
● Start bonus points/discount/gift loyalty program
● Maintain customer base
● Keep a record of sales
● Analyze the frequency of visits
● Segment customers
● Maintain communication with customers via notifications on phones and/or customer app
● Promote the company and points of sale
● Create subscriptions and customer accounts
● Giving gifts
● Communicate with customer
For customers:
● Buy profitable (with discount, with bonus points, with gifts)
● One place for communication with various companies
● Look through the credited bonus points at all points of sale
● Learn about news and money saving offers in the geographic proximity