To start using the inCust system, please review the following topics

An overview of inCust platform capabilities. Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) – new approach to creation of efficient loyalty programs

Settings to get started

To get started, you need to set the basic settings for business in the Control Panel. You can set up one or more businesses. Each business can have one or more brands with separate loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are configured in Settings — Loyalty programs

If you want to register sales of specific goods or to create goods-based loyalty program rules, you should add these goods using the Settings — Goods and services window. 

Customer accounts are used for prepaid goods and services and also to credit and redeem rewards in loyalty programs.

Payments for inCust services, statistics about transactions, accounting documents are present in the My account menu.

Ways to use the system

Customers interact with the inCust system in several ways – through sales personnel at points of sale (see Settings — Points of sale ) using the inCust Terminal application, via inCust Kiosk (see Kiosk settings), via e-shop, or when using tickets to access transport, events, etc. 

inCust Terminal and Salespeople

The Terminal application is a cash desk module and is used by your personnel – cashiers, salespeople, waiters. inCust The Terminal can operate in different Terminal modes. To make it possible for your personnel to use the Terminal application, you need to add one or more users to Settings – Terminals and Salespeople

Serving guests in Steward (waiter) mode

The Steward mode of the inCust Terminal allows waiters to serve guests using a mobile phone. This way, a waiter identifies a guest by the phone number or using the inCust digital card in the guest’s smartphone.

InCust Terminal stores a temporary card, generated by the transaction, which your POS system can use to credit or redeem bonus points. You can view orders, placed with the mobile app, in the Log of Orders.

Ticket validation mode

If you need to create, issue, distribute, and validate tickets, the Ticket Manager module will be very useful. Ticket issuance is configured and carried out in the Business Control Panel. To validate tickets, use the Terminal application in Ticket Validation mode.

Customer self-service through an online store 

E-shop is a module through which a customer can order or purchase a product or service. The e-shop is located in the web version of the inCust application for customers and in the inCust mobile application for customers. To run the e-shop, you must first configure it.

The e-shop can be found here: an example of the E-shop in the inCust system.

Customer self-service through the Kiosk

You can use the inCust Kiosk solution to arrange customer self-service. The solution consists of the Kiosk application and a tablet, which is installed in the shopping area. Kiosk settings in Customer Authentication mode.

Pre-sale of goods and services

Issue and process prepaid cards, manage prepaid goods and services. With the prepaid tool, you can create a package of prepaid services that a holder of a prepaid card can use at various points of sale. With this tool, you can create a digital fuel card, city card, tourist card, and more. You can combine some services into categories. Also, it is possible to create prepaid gift certificates.

Coupons and gift sets

Coupons are used to attract new customers or to encourage the purchase of a particular product or service. A coupon, which in the inCust system is called “Certificate”, is used to replenish a customer account – it is a voucher for a certain amount of values. inCust enables you to issue a certificate for purchase of certain goods or services, replenish a customer account, or credit bonus points. It is possible to create gift sets, which can contain one or more coupons, own or from partners (useful for cross-marketing and coalition projects). Coupons can be applied to specific products or to the whole order. Coupons provide discounts that can be absolute (fixed amount) or a percentage of the price. You can easily set up and issue coupon series.

InCust e-shop

The e-shop is a service, where a customer can purchase goods or services via Internet, choose a convenient method of delivery, and make payment either using the mobile application or in cash at the point of sale or upon receipt of the order.

The e-shop is located in the web version of inCust application for customers and in the inCust mobile application.

Detailed instructions for running an e-shop.

Sample e-shop in the inCust system.

Chat bot

The inCust chatbot enables you to communicate with your customers in the most convenient way, freeing them from the need to install any applications.

Chatbots are supported in Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber

Pkpass digital card

A Pkpass card is a customer ID that can be stored in a pre-installed application on your smartphone.

A customer can get a Pkpass virtual card in different ways:

How to open Pkpass

Referral program

Using either the mobile app or the page, customers can recommend your business to friends and colleagues and drive new customers to your business. For this, configure the Referral Program in the Business Control Panel. inCust enables you to quickly set up and run a reward system for customers for their recommendations of your business.

Fuel and energy

The Fuel and Energy module enables to automate customer service at a car fueling or charging station, the inCust platform provides a comprehensive solution with the possibility of implementation both with and without integration.

To begin, read about the setup procedure, choose the type of operations and implementation. Next, configure Points of Sale, Terminal, Goods Categories and Goods, Customer Accounts, Fuel Pump Controller, Loyalty Program , and create a link to place the QR code on the pump.