Methods of accepting payment from customers

InCust allows to receive payment from the customer without a bank terminal. It is carried out using credit card which is saved in the customer’s Mobile application InCust or

Payment can be made using the following tools:

    • store in the customer mobile application InCust or an online store by clicking on the link:;
    • payment for a specific product or a specific amount using a direct link or a QR code;
    • payment at the point of sale, when the customer chooses to “Pay using a mobile application”: by receiving Push messages or by scanning a QR code.

Example of an in-store purchase in a mobile app

By downloading the InCust application or going to the online store on the website, the customer can add goods or services to the basket and pay for them with a bank card that is saved in the mobile application.

Follow this link to learn how to properly set up a store for a customer in a mobile application:

An example of payment by direct link or QR-code on the Internet

A direct link can be posted on the Internet or in the news to attract customers to your business. The customer has the opportunity to follow this link and pay immediately, using a bank card.

You can learn more about examples of creating a direct link or QR code here:

An example of payment at the checkout using a mobile application

The customer at the checkout can ask the cashier if he is willing to pay for the check with a mobile application. The cashier selects the payment method “Payment by mobile application” on the Terminal. The customer either receives a push message and pays with a single click or scans the cashier’s QR code.

Redeeming of prepaid funds from the “Customer’s Account”

Often, the issue of payment overlaps with the issue of redeeming prepaid funds.
For example: a customer prepaid money on his account or bought a certain amount of goods or services in advance.

We would like to note that InCust has the ability to effectively redeeming such funds using both a mobile application and at the checkout.
This tool is called “The Customer Account”.
Here you can find information about it: