Eco Plus: regional network of fuel stations builds a modern bonus point system with complex loyalty rules based on capabilities of inCust platform

Fuel station – Eco Plus

Specifics: Regional network, many (including elderly) people who use push-button phones and don’t install applications.

Business Needs: 

  • Create a loyalty program for fuel stations with instant customer involvement taking into account certain complications: many regional customers do not use smartphones, it is impossible to integrate the loyalty program into the outdated software, used at the gas stations.  
  • Incentivise customers to recommend gas stations to their friends and colleagues.


inCust CLM is used as a cloud service (SaaS)

Modules used:

  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Coupons and Certificates
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Information and Communications
  • Customer database


  • The project was launched without integration within one week, on time and within budget 
  • 3 gas stations have been connected to the inCust service

Features Implemented: 

  • A modern loyalty program (bonus system) with complex loyalty rules for different customer segments; 
  • Multi-level recommendation program (reward for each new attracted customer);
  • Instant involvement in the loyalty program by a phone number;
  • Automated omnichannel notifications in customers’ language; 
  • Birthday greetings.

Software solutions to launch the loyalty program at gas stations are quite complex and, at the same time, usually very expensive. I was looking for a program that would be easily integrated in the existing business process, wouldn’t be out of our budget, and would be very easy and convenient to use. I contacted about 10 similar companies, but I was quoted too high price of implementation and unpredictable estimation of completion. This situation remained until we came across inCust. And when we found you, the process became easier.
I thank the whole inCust team for providing us with prompt, professional and timely answers to all our questions. Everything was very fast and concise; all processes, cases, and scripts are already present in the program, provided for our business, for example, and are quite easily applicable to other areas. And the most important thing is the service itself. It adapts to any business process, at least in retail. Now it has been a month and a half since we use this system.
In general, our customers are satisfied and we get statistics from them. And at the same time, we get a quick response to all our questions and even some additional benefits, which make the work productive, stable and enjoyable. We see only the benefits in working with inCust

Georgiy Sopelnyk
Head of Marketing

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