My account: Invoices and finance

In this section, you can view detailed information on all your expenses for different months and upload documents.

To get started, select the year and month for which you want to see information. For the selected months, you can upload in pdf format an Act of Completed Works or a Report which gives details to the services provided. In order to fill out information about your company more fully in these documents (legal name, address), fill out the Financial Information tab in the My Profile section. Then you can see the costs in total for the month of each item of expenditure.

Below you can select one of the items of expenses from the drop-down list and see all cases of  redeeming funds for this item, the actual amount and time of redeeming are displayed. 

Important: The subscription fee redeems every day using the following formula: multiply the subscription fee for the point of sale  by the number of points and divide by the number of days in a given month.


Example: you have a subscription fee for a retail outlet – 310 conventional units per day, you have 1 retail point, in the current month 31 days. So 310 times 1 and divide by 31, it turns out that every day will be redeemed 10 conventional units. If you connect a new point of sale in the middle of the month, it will be redeemed 20 conventional units from the moment it is connected. The fee for SMS is redeemed when sending each individual SMS and depends on the length of the SMS, the operator and the country in which your customer is located at the time of sending SMS.