Customers: Customer questionnaire

By default, the system collects the following information about each customer: phone number, name, gender, and date of birth.

The customer fills out the questionnaire when registering in the loyalty program – in the inCust mobile application, in the personal account on the website or directly at the point of sale, dictates personal information to the salesperson.

If you want to add something to the customer profile, you can do it here. To add the fields to the customer profile, go to the section “Customer profile”. You will see two fields. In the first field, enter the name of the field (that is, the name of the information that you will request. For example, Patronymic)

In the second line, select the information input format:

  • A string is an opportunity to enter a word (for example, Smith)
  • Datedesigned to mark important dates collected from customers. Do not duplicate your birthday, it is set in the profile by default.
  • Number — is intended for entering numbers (for example, the number of family members, shoe size, etc.)
  • Click Dictionary if you need to make a drop-down menu consisting of several words for selection.

More about how to work with the customer profile via this link