Building The Loyalty Program

Well-designed loyalty programs increase the flow of clients and significantly boost sales.

Building The Loyalty Program

Steps of Loyalty Program Development

The specifics of your business and your previous experience will necessitate adjustments, and you can start with the following:

Form the basic concept of your loyalty program

Use the experiences of other market participants, also look for inspiration in the international experience of well-known companies. If this is your first experience, start creating the rules of your loyalty program.

Try your rules on people. If your loyalty program conditions are difficult to explain in 10-15 seconds, simplify them.

Move from the simple to complex: start with crediting a fixed percentage of bonus points for each purchase and gradually move to a multi-level system involving the rewarding of online reviews, recommendations, and shares, using special offers, and so on. The goal is to eventually move up to the issuance of digital certificates, digital coupons, and fuel or commercial prepaid cards.

Your inCust consultant will give personal recommendations for your business.

Plan the realisation of the concept

At the planning stage, calculate the required budgets for retaining your clients and attracting new ones. Remember that costs will come back to you through the growth of the base of regular customers and of the average spent amount. According to statistics, a loyal client spends 60% more than a casual one. Ask the professional consultant how to calculate the budget and plan the launch of a loyalty program.

Select the tools and configuration of the loyalty program

Thanks to technology, there is now no need to issue plastic or paper cards. inCust is a platform of cardless loyalty programs with the ability to serve customers through their mobile phone number (smartphone is not required). In addition, you get an optional mobile client app, integration with your POS, accounting system, and many other advantages.

Launch the developed loyalty program

With inCust, launching your loyalty program will take about 15 minutes. Staff training is done quickly and easily. It is important to remind your sale personnel that they determine the success of your loyalty program; they should tell clients about the benefits they will get after joining inCust. Provide your points of sale with promotional materials to facilitate the work of sellers.

Analyse business dynamics

Sometimes there can happen the situation, when business owners develop a loyalty program, spend time and money, and then the salespeople use their own cards instead of customers’ card when registering the sale, thereby saving bonus points or discounts for themselves or their friends. The client is not credited a bonus and gets no motivation to visit the shop again, and the seller secretly multiplies his salary. When you adopt a cardless loyalty program, such situations can be easily identified, and you can take the appropriate measures.

To keep control of your business, right up to each point of sale and each salesperson, use inCust analytical reports.

Make sure the goal is achieved

Analyse all the data and dynamics of changes in customers’ attitudes towards your brand. Think of all the feedback you receive. Highlight the group of regular customers, to give it special attention.