Gift certificates: Series of prepaid cards

Using this tool, you can create a package of prepaid services that the user of a prepaid certificate can apply at different points of sale. You can arrange a digital fuel card, a tourist card, etc.

An example of the use of this functionality is a tourist card Lviv City Card.

The prepaid certificate includes a certain number of services, a certain value of the account (the balance of which will decrease after receiving services), a list of points of sale, where you can get these services, etc.

 Before creating a Series of prepaid certificates, we recommend to create Accounts for prepaid certificates, Categories of prepaid services and Prepaid services.

In the “Series of prepaid certificates” section, all created series of prepaid certificates are displayed. To add a new series, click “Create Series”.

The “Series Title”  sets the name that you see and the customer does not. Here you can specify the name that is most understandable to you, so as not to get confused between several series.

The “Public Title” and “Public Description” specify what customers will see. Fill out these lines so that customers are interested in using the gift certificate and it is clear what it contains. We recommend filling out in several languages ​​so that multilingual customers can see you. We recommend filling out in several languages ​​so that multilingual customers can see your prepaid certificates.

Download a colorful image that will serve as an illustration of  the prepaid certificates in the series and display visually what benefits it contains.

Emission period is the period during which prepaid certificates from this series can be  issued. Choose the time zone in which the prepaid certificate will be valid.

Determine if the total number of prepaid certificates in this series is limited. If you do not limit the total quantity, check the option “Total number not limited“. If it’s limited, uncheck the box above and set the maximum number of prepaid certificates to be issued in this series.

Indicate the cost of this prepaid certificate. Each certificate contains some code within itself in order to control the total number of issued certificates. These codes can be generated automatically by the inCust system, or you can independently generate them and import into the system. Check the box “Generate codes” for the first option, or remove it, click “Import codes” and select the file that contains the codes you prepared.

Determine if the life of your prepaid certificate is limited, and how exactly (fixed date, or for some time after release).

Among the services created earlier, select those that should be included in the current prepaid certificate.

Specify the amount that should be present on each account of the holder of the prepaid card. The use of different accounts is necessary in order to limit the use of certain services.

EXAMPLE: if you want to set up so that the owner of the prepaid certificate can visit either 2 walking tours or 1 bus, you can create a “Tours” account, put 2 points on it, and set up the “Walking Tour” service so that its use deducted 1 point from the Excursion account, and the Bus excursion service took 2 points from the Excursion account.