Loyalty programs: Loyalty program settings

Title – The name which is convenient to you and visible in Control Panel only.

Web site and social networks – Links to be displayed at each point of sale in the inCust mobile app.

Category – You need to choose from the drop-down list which type your business belongs to. For example, It can be both “Health” and “Entertainment and leisure”.

Picture – Image or logo that will be displayed along with the name and description of the loyalty program in the inCust mobile app.

Multilingual descriptions – This is the common name for all of your points of sale. Typically, the name of your business, brand or network. This name will be displayed in the inCust mobile app for each of your points of sale – as the title of the list of all your points of sale. Please enter the name in all languages ​​of your customers.

Enter the name of your business, brand, network, which is familiar for your customers. 

In the publick description write brief description of your loyalty program. Please make it clear for your customers, what preferences they get as frequent customers and what conditions apply. 

Also, fill out this lines in all possible languages. Our mobile application is shown to the customer in the language that is installed in the settings of his phone. Accordingly, if you fill out the information only in English, the customer with a telephone set to Russian will not see your information.

Important: Please note that SMS will be sent to the customer in the format “Public name of the loyalty program: SMS text”. Pay attention to the correctness of the public name and the number of characters (the more characters => the longer SMS => the more expensive SMS).