Configuring Road Tankers Module

In this instruction, we will learn to manage the settings of the Road Tanker Module. The module will be of use to those businesses and entrepreneurs that use road tankers or fuel trucks of various kinds (with the different number of tanks, pump nozzles, and grades of fuel) to deliver fuel to customers.

The Road Tankers module enables automation of processes of planning, dispensing, and sale of fuel. You can serve both commercial and retail customers via mobile points of sale, i.e., fuel trucks and road tankers.

For the mentioned tasks, there’s a controller installed on a road tanker. This controller enables you to manage sales and dispensing of fuel through the KIOSK mobile application for drivers.

The KIOSK application runs on a tablet or smartphone. The system allows several drivers to work with one road tanker. Thus, it is possible to set a separate authorization code for each driver to log in to the application.

The controller also includes a GPS tracker that helps you keeps track of movements of the road tanker, its location, speed, and stops.

You can read more about the operation of the controller in Article 2.7 The Fuel Pump Controllers | inCust Ukraine

Setup plan:

1.Road Tankers list
2.Terminals and salespeople
2.1 Employee access
3.Fuel pump controller
3.1 Description
3.2 Pumps
3.3 Fuel Grades
3.4 Fuel tanks
4.Maps And routes
5.Customers’ tanks
5.1 Add customers’ road tanker links.
6.1 Add route