Customer self-service at the fuel station via Kiosk information panel

Kiosk, an information panel with which the customers interact on their own, is one of the modern methods of self-service at fuel stations, convenient for customers and easy to implement.

Kiosk information panel allows customers to refuel their cars using a tablet with a sensitive screen that includes inCust Kiosk software. Self-service Kiosk can be installed inside a fuel station, in which case, a customer needs to enter the building of the fuel station and make a purchase using the Kiosk. When equipment can operate at high or low temperatures, Kiosk can be installed outside – near the dispensers or at the entrance to the fuel station.

The key feature of the self-service Kiosk is that a customer needs just a bank card to purchase fuel or other goods. Customers don’t need any mobile application or assistance from an operator.

A driver chooses the kind of fuel, specifies the pump/nozzle number, pays the calculated price, and receives fuel.

Multiple payment methods are available:

  • Payment from the customer account (money or volume)
  • Bank card
  • E-money
  • USSD payments
  • and other

Kiosk information panel can be used by retail as well as commercial customers.

Retail customers can:

  • pay for fuel using a bank card;
  • use a prepaid customer account that contains either cash or a prepaid amount of fuel;
  • take advantage of the loyalty program by redeeming or collecting bonus points for purchases.

Commercial customers:

  • If a driver has been granted access to the commercial account, s/he can refuel the car and pay for it from the company account.
  • When using a corporate account, all the necessary attributes are supported: an optional static PIN for the account, the ability to enter odometer indicators, the ability to scan a card, etc.
  • A driver can use a bank card, coupon, or voucher for payment.

Customers can identify themselves by their phone number, by scanning the QR code from the mobile application or a plastic card, or by reading a smartcard.

Through the inCust Kiosk, you can sell not just fuel but also any other goods presented at the station.

Kiosk simplifies the process of serving a customer as much as possible. InCust strives to operate in an ecology-friendly manner and be cost-efficient, so instead of printing checks, you have an option of offering an electronic check after the purchase. It will be available in the customer account on the inCust platform (you can get the check on the website using a phone number) or in the mobile application for customers.

Kiosk is one of the fastest ways to start driver self-service at fuel stations. At the same time, the solution does not require complex integrations, does not disrupt the operation of the station, and is quickly implemented.

For more information or advice on your business, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists who will suggest the best scenarios for using the new solution.

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