Fuel and Energy: Overview of the commercial customers

The new inCust Commercial Customers module provides new opportunities to automate the interactions between a fuel or charging station or chain, a company that purchases fuel or energy, and its employees that fuel or charge vehicles for commercial purposes. 

What are the main advantages of this module? Fuel and charging stations and chains can sell fuel or energy to their commercial customers, which grant access to purchased fuel and energy to their employees. For a company to grant such access to an employee, only the employee’s email address or phone number is needed; it is no longer necessary to issue and distribute cards or coupons. It is possible to set up personal fuel or charging limits for each employee.

This module will be helpful for:

— companies whose employees fuel or recharge the cars at fuel and charging stations for commercial needs;

— fuel stations that want to make it easier for commercial customers to control fueling and charging of employees’ vehicles for business needs

With the help of the Commercial Customers module, a company or a fuel station can create and configure prepaid accounts, set the necessary limits, and provide access to company employees. Accounts allow obtaining fuel or energy at the station, keeping records, and making settlements between the station and the company.

Video about solution for serving commercial customers at fueling and charging stations

Employees can fuel or charge a company vehicle within the established limits without the need for plastic cards, coupons, or tickets. An employee can be authenticated in many ways: through a mobile application, chatbot, using a QR-code, or by phone. These methods do not require any additional equipment.

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To configure the Commercial Customers module, go to the instructions.