Getting a link to a card through other channels and events

You can use any communication channels with the customer to send a link to the digital card using your own means. For example, if your company has both retail stores and a website, you may want to send a link to a digital card to the customer after the purchase. This can be done through the inCust platform API (program interface).

Integration methods are described in detail in the inCust API Reference .

You can send the links described above.

When you use this method, you might want to send a specific card number to the customer. This card can be an existing additional customer card or it will be automatically added when registering / receiving an electronic card.

If you want to assign an additional card number to the customer, then the link should have following format:{pos_id}/{cardid}

where  {cardid} is the number of additional customer’s card

Link example:

Example QR code: