With inCust, the innovative loyalty and reward program, you can unite your clients in a global reward and discount club.
The loyalty program is fully managed by you and requires no plastic or paper cards, no hardware, no extra program management hassle. All clients are authenticated by the phone number that they possess.



There’s no need
in plastic or paper cards.



There’s no need
in extra equipment



The database of all your
clients is collected for you


How are you? The total amount of your purchase is 170 dollars

Fine, thanks.
My InCust number is 347 223 332 1

Thank you. You have 50 dollars in bonus points on your account.
Would you like to use them now?

SMS by inCust: Please use the code 0704 to confirm the withdrawal of 20 dollars in bonus points

I've received the code 0704

Thank you.
After using your bonus points the total amount of your purchase is 150 dollars.

SMS by inCust:
Thank you for using inCust. You have 31.50 dollars in bonus points

Goodbye! Please come again and enjoy your bonuses!


The client will always have your store’s bonus card ready to use

The account of the client is identified by the client’s phone number. As a result, your clients always have the possibility to use the advantages of inCust loyalty program to the fullest extent with having just a phone and optionally an app on it.

The client will never lose the card of your store

inCust is a virtual card that nobody will lose. This makes a great advantage. Even if a mobile phone is lost, access to the account can be recovered quite easily.

One app for all programs

You are not alone. Hundreds of retailers (shops, services, restaurants and more) use inCust loyalty programs. And all programs are managed in a single inCust mobile app. Having all information in one app ensures that the customer will take part in your loyalty program and will check your offers when it comes to choosing, which service to use.

The client receives hot news from your store directly in his mobile phone

inCust lets you provide clients with news updates about sales, special offers or recent arrivals in your store.

The client always knows the exact amount of bonus points he earned

inCust mobile app is the easiest way to know the amount of earned and spent bonus points and the history of purchases. If the client doesn’t have a smartphone, the amount of remaining bonus points is sent by SMS after each purchase.

The client can send gift certificates to friends

Saving bonus points gives satisfaction but the client feels even more joyful when buying gifts for her/his loved ones. A gift certificate is a perfect gift for any occasion.

The client will enjoy spending bonus points

The reward for a purchase is the possibility to spend your bonus points later for personal or your loved ones’ pleasure.

inCust clients say

  • The most important achievement is that we’ve established out-of-store communications with our clients. They like the offered saving system. And everything works without any cards or equipment.

    Eugene Pshezimirskii owner of StarCoffee cafe chain
  • An SMS with the remaining bonus points that the client receives really brings clients back to our car wash. At the car wash we have very expensive high-quality equipment produced in USA, and our clients are happy. We’ve chosen inCust for its efficiency and reliability.

    Vyacheslav Agafonov director of Aquatek Group LLC
  • inCust provided us with the possibility to collect a clear database of our clients without any extra efforts. The things I like - there is no need to monitor all this information. Our clients receive notifications about our sales and arrivals. And they really come back and often bring friends. Also, this system with extra bonuses works pretty well. inCust gave us the possibility to incorporate bonus points without any printed cards and we don’t waste money on special equipment. Isn’t it great?

    Eugene Subotovskii director of


Quick launch of the loyalty program based on your custom settings

All you need is ask your sales personnel to download inCust mobile app from Google Play or App Store and sign up in inCust with a new store with custom settings. The system is ready to serve your clients!

Unlimited number of virtual cards which need no printing

inCust card is a virtual e-card which is assigned to a client’s mobile phone number. Thus no plastic or paper cards are to be printed, distributed and issued to customers.

Direct communication with every client

Every client receives messages on her or his phone. This is an excellent opportunity to provide you clients with the latest news about sales, new arrivals, etc.. As a result, such direct communication brings back your clients and motivates them to return to your store more frequently.

Personal rules of bonus points collection

Flexible inCust settings give you the possibility to create a unique personal loyalty program. Taking into account special aspects of your business, you can creat the program both profitable to you and to your clients. Now you are making rules. It’s your time to decide for what will your clients recieve their bonuses – from the check amount, from the total bonuses sum, according to the period of time.

Setting limits to payment with bonus points

There are different ways to limit one-time use of bonus points so that your clients come back to your store again and again. The use can be limited by the percentage of the total sum of the check, by lower limit of the check, or limited to the full sum of the purchase – the variety of options is wide and the choice is yours.

Boost your sales with special catalogue of gifts

Gifts bring joy to the clients of all ages. With inCust mobile app clients will be able to choose the gifts they like from what is available for purchase with bonus points.

Coupons and gift certificates for your clients

Presenting gift certificates has become a common practice so that the receiver could choose something she or he really wants. It is very easy to do the same in the inCust mobile app. Coupons will give you the possibility to attract more visitors to your stores as coupons can be distributed through your partners.

Possibility for clients to calculate bonus points with a check or a QR-code

Alternatively to counting bonus points by a salesman upon purchase you can offer your clients to top up their own personal inCust accounts by entering special codes printed on a check.

Greeting your new clients

Extra bonus points could be a nice surprise for those clients who have made their first purchase in your store. Just present them extra bonus points upon their first log in to inCust and let them spend these bonus points next time.

Attracting new clients and positive comments in social networks

Social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are now the integral part of our lives. We usually trust our friends’ judgment when it is expressed on one of those social sites and networks. Extra bonus points for a positive comment could be a motivation or a reward for its publication in social networks. In a similar way you can encourage attraction of new clients among the friends of existing clients.

Automatic birthday greetings

Now it’s possible to send automatic birthday greetings to your clients. Such attention will motivate them to vist your store again. And some extra bonus points, provided as a birthday gift, could be a good reason to buy something from you.

Push notifications to your clients with inCust

Has news spreading always been a problem? Do you have no money to spend on advertisement? The problems of targeted announcements of the recent arrivals, discounts, special offers are solved! inCust will help you make announcements about all your events and offers via SMS messages or push notifications. Also, hot news from your store now will be accessible in a special section of inCust mobile app.

Database interchanging with other stores - members of inCust discount club

inCust lets you stay in touch with other stores, that use inCust discount and reward programs. This is a great advantage that allows you to attract new clients from these stores.

Getting information about current level of sales in each of your stores in real-time mode

You receive information about the actual sales volume as captured by inCust in each and every one of you stores at any time.

Access to sales analytics and bonus points statistics via inCust

Diagrams and analytical tables in each of your stores will be available in your personal section on the inCust website.

Issuing, transfer and sale of coupons and gift certificates with no plastic or paper waste

Your clients use only mobile app or they receive a simple SMS-message with the amount of bonus points, certificates and your news.

All discount, bonus, certificate, voucher operations are performed only via mobile phones

Your clients will perform every single operation in the inCust discount and reward programs with help of their mobile phones.

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