Much More Than A Loyalty Program

For customers

save when visiting your favorite shops,
get discounts and gifts,
no plastic cards!

For business

Incentivize customers with bonus points and gifts, communicate with everyone and increase profits!

It is well known that up to 80% of the income in the retail and HoReCa business is generated by returning customers.
So how would you turn our first-time visitors into returning customers? Offer friendship to your customers. Show that you remember and care about them, and they won’t forget about you.

What makes friendship last?

Cardless Loyalty Program

Using which you get acquainted with customers and build the channel to communicate with them.

Discount coupons and gifts

So loved by customers. Exchange coupons with other businesses and increase visibility of your business. Gift Cards to allure new customers are also a way to offer something special to your loyal returning customers.

Prepaid goods and subscriptions

For those, who like to purchase more in advance. They also let you deliver the goods or services, which have been paid for in advance by other parties.

Communication with customers

Constant and timely. Talk in salesrooms and at the points of sale using inCust Kiosk solution. Chat with each customer individually using the mobile app, Viber or via SMS. Congratulate customers on their birthday or other important dates of their lives.

Easy as 1-2-3

Start making friends with customers in 15 minutes. It takes just three simple steps:

No more lengthy preparations, investments into hardware or issuance of plastic cards.

inCust Key Features

Identification by phone number
No need to issue plastic cards: your customers use their mobile phone numbers for identification
Flexible rules
of loyalty programs
Use multilevel discounts and bonus point rules, customer accounts with bonus points, goods and services or currencies, gift cards and coupons
Single inCust Mobile App
for customers
Customers don’t need to install plenty of apps to their smartphones: single inCust mobile app acts as a hub for all customer’s accounts and balances and as a channel for communications between your business and a customer
Variety of use cases
and applications
for shops, services, gas stations, gyms and more

Benefits for business

Increase the income and profits 10-20% increase in average
Bonus points and other incentives and rewards make customers return more often and spend more on purchases
Carry various marketing activities easier
Coupons, gift cards, pre-paid accounts – all these tools let you increase involvement of your customers and keep customers aware of your business
Optimize your expense on ineffective discounts
Don’t just give instant discounts and rebates. Make customers return in future by using bonus points and digital punch cards
Beat your competition by making your offer more appealing
Make customers remember about your business by informing them on a regular basis, and customers will prefer you to your competitors

Benefits for customers

Loyalty card is always with you
With phone-based identification, your mobile phone works as a digital loyalty card
Know your rewards
balance instantly
Install inCust Mobile app for customers to see your balance in all loyalty programs that you take part in
Stay connected to businesses
With the inCust Mobile app for customers, you get special offers from businesses and can also talk to businesses via a private communication channel