Effective method for collecting customer ratings and reviews

Are your customers and clients always satisfied with the service? We all hope so, but how would one check it? Some of the customers may stay silent but will no longer come to you again. And attracting a new customer is more expensive than trying to keep an old one. Other customers can share their experience on social networks. And this experience will not always be positive: no matter how hard you try, it is common for people to want more.

In inCust, we understand the problem of “silent customers”, so we offer a new tool – “Ratings and reviews”. With this tool, you can ask every customer or client who visited your business for their feedback. Depending on your preference, a customer can rate the service or leave a review. And it will be just you and the customer who will see this feedback.

The tool helps with two goals at once – it shows customers that you care about them and want to hear them, and also lets you redirect possible negative customer energy from social media to your support team, where the customer will get help. And this, in turn, will improve the quality of service in your business.

How it works:

  • Customers can rate the service through a mobile application, chatbot, kiosk, scanning a QR code, or following a link
  • Along with the rating, customers can leave a review and attach a photo or audio recording
  • The platform sends ratings and feedback by email

Unlike solutions that only allow collecting reviews and ratings, the inCust platform allows you to authenticate the customer, invite him or her to leave a review after purchasing a product or service, and also give the customer a reward in the form of a coupon or bonus points after sending a review or rating. Also, the feedback tool can help to extend the customer database, which makes it possible to conduct analysis and marketing campaigns among registered customers.

A customer can leave a rating or review through

  • QR-code
  • Link
  • Chatbot
  • Mobile application
  • Self-service Kiosk panel

You can place an invitation:

  • On the check
  • On the door of a store, cafe, or service point
  • At the checkout or on a table in a cafe
  • Sent by SMS or email
  • Sent in a push message in the mobile application or chatbot

An invitation to leave a rating or a review after a sale can only be sent when the sale operation is registered in the inCust platform (via the “Terminal” POS software, E-shop, chatbot or the API). At the same time, you can always create a QR code or a link and place them at points of sale or send an invitation to your customers or clients without registering a purchase. If you don’t want to give the opportunity to leave anonymous reviews, then in the Control Panel, you can set the option to let only authorized customers leave feedback.

In order to get the most balanced ratings, inCust offers to put them in the usual 5-star format, as is the case with most online stores and services, ranging from Amazon, Google and Apple.

Ratings and reviews go to the Business Control Panel, and you receive information by email (it is possible to connect other channels on request).

Since the inCust system includes omnichannel communication with customers, you can respond to feedback directly from the Control Panel, and the response will be sent through various communication channels in accordance with the settings.

To distinguish between reviews, left in different places or situations (e.g. feedback in the point of sale during the service, and a rating set after a sale in response to the invitation), the platform has a concept of “feedback source.” You can set up any number of such sources – for example, you can create a separate feedback source for each room in a hotel or for each table in a restaurant.

Since the feedback tool is a part of our larger platform, we can offer it to customers for free. So, a free service plan for ratings and reviews makes it possible to use this function without having to pay for points of sale, Terminals, and so on. It is possible to send messages to customers and pay for messages at the regular rate set within the service. Sending to the mobile application, chatbot, and email in the free service plan is free. Issuance of coupons as a reward is also free. If the POS system of your business works with coupons, customers will be able to use issued coupons in your POS system. If you want to process coupons using the inCust service, you should switch to a service plan that includes the Terminal software module or access to the API (that is, any current paid service plan). If you need to use other services of the platform (for example, a loyalty program, prepaid goods or services, etc.), this can be done by switching to one of the regular service plans.

The differences between a free service plan and paid plans are:

  • The free plan service supports two feedback sources. Paid plans include an unlimited number of feedback sources.
  • The free plan limits reviews just to text messages. Paid plans let customers send pictures and voice messages.

QR codes are already widespread. Many businesses around the world already use such codes, in particular, to collect feedback from customers. You could see similar services before. Their main constraint is the isolated nature – a separate tool is suitable for only one task. By choosing inCust, you immediately get much wider opportunities for working with customers. We don’t limit you to just collecting feedback but provide you with a number of tools to receive and respond to reviews, build a personalized relationship with customers without significant costs.

The function of receiving ratings and reviews from customers is a part of the inCust platform, integrated with other platform functions. This makes it possible to quickly implement and launch all necessary business processes.

If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to advise you and help you choose the solution that will solve your specific tasks.

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