Managing commercial accounts with control over access of personnel

The new Сommercial customers module offers new opportunities for automating interactions between a company, supplier, and employees that use a supplier’s product or service.

This module will be useful:

for companies that purchase goods and services for corporate needs or for distribution to employees. This can be fuel, lunches, supplies, parking spaces, etc.

for suppliers of goods and services that operate under B2B and B2B2C schemes and would like to make it easier for customers to control distribution of these goods and services among customers’ employees.

With the help of the Сommercial customers module, a company that consumes or supplies goods or services can create and configure a prepaid account, set the necessary limits, and provide access to this account to employees who use these goods and services. Accounts make it possible both to organize provision of goods or services and to make mutual settlements between the supplier and the consumer.

Employees can use certain services or receive goods within limits that were set for them by the company, without the need for plastic cards, coupons, or coupons. Employee authorization is possible by different means: by phone, through a mobile application, chatbot, or using a QR code. These methods don’t require any additional equipment.

A company uses Сommercial customers module through the Control panel, where it sets all the necessary settings and consumption limits for employees for a day or a month. Future access control and operation tracking occur automatically, and the company and its supplier can easily control the amounts of funds spent and goods or services provided.

A company and its supplier can agree on the terms of payment: prepayment to an account (prepaid) or opening a credit limit with or without limits.

Solutions based on the Сommercial customers module can be implemented both by the consumer of goods or services or by their supplier. One implementation can be used to work as one consumer with several supplier companies, and for one supplier to work with several consumer companies (commercial customers).


A car dealership cooperates with a catering company that provides lunches for dealership employees. The catering company uses Сommercial customers module and creates a prepaid account for the dealership, and the dealership provides access to this account to the employees with certain limits. Thus, employees who work half the time receive a lunch for $4, full-time employees – a lunch for $7, and top management has a $10 lunch. In this case, there are no specific sets of business lunches, that is, an employee can purchase the dishes that they want within the set limits. The dealership is able to quickly add or remove employees or change their limits.


– set up of individual restrictions (limits) for each employee

– monitoring of status of accounts of each employee

– account currency can be defined in money, goods or credit funds

– instant access to company’s accounts- 

– high level of data and account protection, which meets legal requirements


  • no plastic, coupons or vouchers, no need for additional equipment
  • one may be not restricted to specific nomenclature of goods or services but limit consumption by cost
  • the module works as non-bank processing
  • the module keeps records and controls access in automatic mode

Use cases: 

Regular use of goods and services

Refueling at a fuel station

A great example of using the Сommercial customers module is receiving fuel at the fuel station by drivers of some company. In this scenario, a fuel station installs the module and creates a corporate account. The buyer company replenishes this account for a certain amount and sets up access for its employees. The settings allow you to change limits, add employees, setup conditions. This simplifies the interaction of three parties at once: the fuel station, the company, and its employees. One no longer needs to keep records manually, distribute coupons or cards; an employee can refuel a corporate vehicle for a specified amount over a specified period of time in specified locations.


The Сommercial customers module can help automate and centralize payments for parking by company employees at specific parking locations. It is enough to create and set up a corporate account.

Training and professional development

If a company offers its employees advanced training, foreign language courses, regular tests, or seminars and has regular providers of such services, the Сommercial customers module makes it possible to simplify access and control over the used company resources. New employees will be easily granted access to services and employees who leave will be instantly restricted.


There exists a widespread practice where companies provide free lunches to their employees. These companies can work with a catering company, cafe, or restaurant to create a prepaid corporate account that employees can use to pay for their meals. Money is spent only when the employee buys lunch, and an employee can choose something within a certain amount. Daily and monthly limits are set in the Control panel.

For more information or for advice on your business, please contact our specialists who will suggest the best scenarios for using our solution.

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