Customer lifecycle management in shopping malls

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Shopping malls need to attract customers and help business, which rent space, to do the same. For this, the wide range of marketing instruments can be used: from the coalition loyalty program that includes all businesses within a shopping mall, to individual communication with customers, to provision of analytical information about customers to businesses  in order to help them optimize their activities.

inCust offers all the necessary instruments and helps shopping malls build custom solutions

We will help you with such problems

  • The need for communication channels with customers out of stores

  • Building customer database is tricky

  • How to create stellar customer experience across all businesses in the mall

Benefits for you


Personalize marketing offers to increase their effectiveness


Free customers from plastic cards by providing alternative authentication methods


Speak one-to-one with customers using omnichannel communications


Let businesses process sales and payments using POS software by inCust


Give businesses a powerful and flexible loyalty program


Help customers serve themselves using Information Panel / Kiosk


Attract new customers with high-tech solutions (Kiosk, iBeacon,map of stores in the app)

We have the right instruments for you

POS software

Coupons and Certificates

Loyalty and Rewards Management

Information and Communications

Information Panel / Kiosk

Customer Database

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