Information Panel / Kiosk

inCust Kiosk is the module of the inCust platform that lets your customers get the wide range of services by interacting with the tablet device with Kiosk software running on it. A tablet can be installed next to the cash desk, in the sales area or right at the entrance to your point of sale

Instruments of Kiosk module

Information services

  • View the list of company news and announcements
  • View hot offers

Self-service operations, related to loyalty and rewards management:

  • Review a customer’s e-wallet with bonus points, coupons and customer account balances
  • Choose and “get” the gift (which depending on its nature can be provided locally by salespeople or credited to the customer account for later collection)

Self-service operations, related to coupons, certificates and gift sets:

  • Redeem a coupon, certificate or a gift set and top up the customer account
  • Receive a coupon and put it to the e-wallet for future redeeming
  • Redeem a partner’s coupon or certificate

Self-service operations, related to shopping:

  • View the check being processed
  • View the total sum and taxes
  • View the QR code for making payment

Integrates with


(to authenticate customers and perform self-check-out)

Coupons and Certificates

(to let customers use coupons and certificates)

Loyalty and Rewards

(to allow operations with customer rewards, bonus points, etc)

Ticket Manager

(to let customers purchase and validate tickets)

Information and Communications

(to provide information to customers)

Target industries





More options for your business

  • Self-service operations, related to shopping:
    • – Use electronic funds to pay the check
    • – Receive a copy of the check
    • – View the previously placed order
  • Self-service operations, related to the services at the point of sale:
    • – Customer feedback to allow customer leave a message to the business 
    • – Information about access to Wi-Fi
    • – Customer poll (upon request)
  • Self-authentication of customers using the variety of mechanisms, supported by the platform
  • Self-service operations, related to ticket management:
    • – View available tickets
    • – Process tickets
    • – Buy tickets
  • Self-service operations, related to loyalty and rewards management:
    • – An option for a business to extend the already running external loyalty program with digital instruments. E.g. if the business is running a loyalty program with plastic cards, the platform can authenticate a customer using the phone number or QR code and report the customer’s plastic card number to the cashier or the cash terminal.

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