How to create efficient loyalty program for shopping mall

Today, we talk about launching a cooperative loyalty program in a shopping mall. What is the difficulty of working with such businesses? Tenants of a  mall are usually small shops, catering outlets, cinemas, and entertainment centers. Each of them has their interests, accounting systems and, often, loyalty programs.

To complement the interests of each tenant, we let one create a collective value that will attract new customers and ensure their loyalty.

The inCust platform has all the necessary tools to create a cooperative loyalty program. In this article, we will discuss how to create a high-quality and efficient customer service with minimal financial investment.

Here’s how a universal loyalty program of a shopping mall can look like: 

– each tenant makes a special offer once a month. For example, “a discount on summer shoes up to 40%, only till the end of the month.”

– This offer goes to the inCust platform, where it is turned into a huge number of individual coupons.

– Potential customers, whose contacts are present in the inCust database, receive a weekly selection of all special offers made by tenants of a mall. Offers are delivered to the mobile app or a chatbot, used on the customers’ mobile devices. It has been proven that with all other factors being equal, customers go to the shopping center which presents a variety of discounts so that customers could review all promotions and offers and choose the group of them.

– In each store, one will see the QR code near the cash register. A customer can scan the QR code using the inCust mobile app for customers. After scanning the QR code, a customer obtains a unique discount code, and this discount code is then told or shown to a salesperson in order to get a discount.

Here, we have two benefits. First, the scheme does not require integration with the accounting system at the point of sale. Second, we track the fact of redemption of the coupon.

In addition, there exists a gaming moment in this scheme. A customer, who does not make a purchase, can still go to the store and scan the QR code to receive the discount code into their digital wallet.

Why would a customer do this?

A customer can pass the discount to friends using the “Referral program” — the scanned code can be sent to a friend. A friend, in turn, can use this code in the store, and the original customer will receive a small reward to his or her account. The idea of the service is similar to the principles of network marketing.

After collecting a certain number of points as a reward for such recommendations, the customer can, even without making purchases, collect enough points for a free cup of coffee or a discount on a cinema ticket.

Stores, when making their offers through a cooperative loyalty program, get new customers. Customers either make a purchase (direct profit) or spread information about the discount among friends. These friends come to the store and buy goods in it (indirect profit), at the same time generating a small number of reward points to the initiator. The shopping center has loyal tenants, who understand the value of renting space there.

Also, please consider other working mechanisms to attract visitors to the mall that inCust offers. This includes issuing coupons from partners in the form of scratch cards, check-ins on the informational displays, gamification schemes like pay-per-visit, and much more.

Call us, we will help with implementation. 

The loyalty of your guests must be rewarded!

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