Customer Database

The core of the CLM platform, Сustomer Database keeps information about your customers and their activities

Instruments of Customer Database module

Any number of external customer identifiers

Such identifiers can include social network identifiers, plastic card numbers (if you use plastic cards), additional phone numbers and emails, and more


Basic customer information (name, phone number, email)

It is used both for identifying a customer and to communicate with a customer in marketing activities

Custom fields, defined by each business

These fields are private to the business. They can be used to know your customers better and in marketing activities


Possibility to add customers one by one via Web Interface, POS software, or using API

Add customers to your customer database without any hassle

Bulk import of customer data from any source

If you already have a customer database, collected by other means, you can easily migrate it to inCust platform. Old customer identifiers can be kept, if necessary


GDPR compliance

The options to correct, freeze, or delete a customer account, tracking of customer consent information let your business stay compliant with legal regulations, related to protection of customer data in any country

More options for your business

  • Customer Account management. Customer accounts are used for keeping track of prepaid goods and services, custom benefits, bonus or reward points, or even money funds
  • Customizable notifications of customers about transactions via various communication channels
  • Keeping track of all transactions, performed by each customer
  • Possibility to filter out customers to create custom customer groups. Filtering is useful in analysis and in marketing activities

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