Point-of Sale (POS)

inCust POS is the module of the inCust platform that lets you process sales and orders, accept payments using a variety of methods, work with customer rewards and much more

Instruments of Point-of-Sale module

Processing of payments using a variety of methods

    • Cash
    • Credit cards (no terminal is required)
    • QR codes
    • Electronic money
    • Payment using a sent web link
    • Customer accounts in the inCust system
    • Custom payment methods

Payment processing without the POS software

When external methods are used to register sales, inCust can collect payments through a dynamically generated QR code

Modification of orders (checks), based on predefined rules

Allows to automatically provide discounts, credit bonus points and customer accounts, issue coupons


Processing of coupons and coupon sets (gift certificates), provided by customers

Helps your business boost sales by distributing coupons and processing them at points of sale

Addition of customers to the Customer Database with their consent

Lets customers participate in your loyalty program, or use coupons and gift sets. Helps your business build a customer database and use the information in marketing activities


Crediting and redeeming of customers’ bonus points

The integral part of loyalty program operations

Integrates With

Information Panel / Kiosk

(to authenticate customers and to credit and redeem bonus points of the Loyalty Management module)

Coupons and Certificates

(to allow operations with coupons and certificates)

Loyalty and Rewards

(to allow operations with customer rewards, bonus points, etc)

Prepaid Goods and Services

(to allow operations with prepaid cards)

Target industries





More options for your business

  • Preparation and finalization of orders. The core function of any POS software
  • Manual modification of orders (checks) by salespeople (limited by the preset rules)
  • Printing of checks
  • Sending of checks by email
  • Printing of bills / pre-checks
  • Printing of coupons and other information on customer checks
  • Cash-related operations:
    • – Tracking and updating the amount of cash in the cash register
    • – Viewing and printing of the cash balance 
    • – Replenishment of cash in the terminal (usually in the beginning of the trade day)
    • – Withdrawal of cash with recording of the sum withdrawn and the name of the salesperson
    • – End-of-day reporting and verification of the cash balance with adding the results to the journal
    • – Journal of cash operations
    • – Quick shift change with an option for cashiers to login using PIN instead of username/password
  • Processing of prepaid cards:
    • – can have prices in different currencies, or in the currency of a customer account;
    • – can be made available only to certain categories of customers;
    • – can belong to different categories for easier management;
    • – can have associated tax rules for tax calculation and display
  • Sending of order information to the inCust app for customers
  • Optional authentication of customers using the variety of mechanisms, supported by the platform
  • Crediting and redeeming of values (goods, currencies, bonus points) on customer accounts
  • Processing of prepaid cards
  • Operations in offline mode with postponed synchronization. Offline mode allows processing of sales in areas with no Internet connection
  • Checks Journal with filtering, display of checks and an option to cancel the check
  • Orders journal. Display of orders and possibility to change order status
  • Flexible setup of taxes. Allows you to set individual taxes for certain goods or categories of goods, and define different geographical zones that have different tax settings
  • Terminal – specialized software mode of the Terminal application for POS-related operations. Terminal is runnable on any tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS). Also usable in a browser as a web application
  • Steward – specialized software mode of the Terminal application with functions, needed by waiters and stewards in cafes and restaurants. Terminal is runnable on any tablet, smartphone (Android or iOS) and in a browser as a web application
  • Multiple POS accounts per brand
  • Multiple salespeople accounts per brand

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