Serving locals and guests in cities and towns

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Tourism is a powerful driver of local economic activity and the source of income for local budgets. City governments need to help tourists and businesses meet each other. Another common city problem is arrangement of fair parking within the city.

The inCust platform can be used to build various coalition programs, run city card or tourist card projects, handle parking payments and support various social projects of city communities.

We will help you with such problems

  • Make tourists and city guests visit local businesses more

  • Provide comfortable daily commuting to those who use city transport

  • Ensure fair parking opportunities to both locals and guests

Benefits for you


Build a powerful coalition (joint) loyalty program for local businesses


Distribute prepaid cards that include local goods and services


Provide tickets for city commuting to locals and guests


Bring visitors to city museums and exhibitions


Speak one-to-one with guests using omnichannel communications


Sell goods and services via E-shop


Process sales and payments with POS software by inCust


Validate tickets with specialized ticket processing software by inCust

We have the right instruments for you


Loyalty and Rewards

Prepaid Goods and Services

Coupons and Certificates


Customer database

Information and Communications

Ticket Management

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