Ticket Manager

Simplify sales and validation of tickets to museums and exhibitions, entertainment events and services, transportation/commute

Instruments of Ticket Management module

Tickets can be

  • named (linked to specific registered customer)
  • anonymous

Distribution and processing of tickets

  • Electronic distribution
  • Printed distribution
  • Processing of tickets as text codes
  • Processing of tickets as QR codes

Tickets can be used

  • in marketing activities
  • as custom benefits in loyalty and rewards management

Payment processing with numerous payment options

Simplifies ticket sales

Integrates with

Information Panel / Kiosk

(to authenticate customers and to let them buy tickets and perform self-check-in)

Loyalty and Rewards

(to allow operations with customer rewards, bonus points, etc)

Customer Database

(to implement named tickets)

Target industries




Event management


Transportation / commute

More options for your business

  • Creation of tickets in the Business Control Panel
  • Analysis and statistics let you know how tickets are used in dynamics
  • Validation of tickets using the Ticket Controller application, runnable on any tablet or smartphone with a recent version of Android or iOS, or in a browser as a web application

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