Let your customers place orders for goods and services, offered by your business, using the inCust app for customers and in the Customer Control Panel

Instruments of E-shop module

Configurable payment options

  • possibility to pay with bonus points, money (cash or credit cards), or from customer accounts
  • optional pre-payment or post-payment 
  • optional payment using external mechanisms (e-shop is used to only place orders)

Modification of orders (checks), based on predefined rules

Allows to automatically provide discounts, credit bonus points and customer accounts, issue coupons

Processing of coupons and coupon sets (gift certificates), provided by customers

Helps your business boost sales by distributing coupons and processing them at points of sale


Crediting and redeeming of customers’ bonus points

The integral part of loyalty program operations

Integrates with

Coupons and Certificates

(to allow operations with coupons and certificates)

Loyalty and Rewards

(to allow operations with customer rewards, bonus points, etc)

Customer Database

(to manage customers and analyse their activity)

Target industries


Fuel and Charging Stations





More options for your business

  • Built-in shopping cart
  • Preparation and finalization of orders. The core function of any e-shop
  • Automatic integration with the customer’s e-wallet in inCust. The e-wallet may contain and provides access to coupons, certificates, bonus points and customer accounts
  • Possibility to select goods and services for selling via the e-shop
  • Possibility to select delivery or pick-up and specify delivery address
  • Configuration of various delivery methods with different delivery cost
  • Safe keeping of customer’s credit cards in MasterPass wallets
  • Sending of order information to the Business Control Panel
  • Orders journal. Display of orders and possibility to change order status
  • Handling of payments using the MasterPass digital wallet
  • Handling of payments using external services (upon request)
  • Can be used to order prepaid goods and services, which are instantly added to the Customer Account of the customer
  • Tracking and modification of the order status via API or in the Business Control panel
  • Modification of orders (checks) using the API
  • Crediting and redeeming of customer accounts
  • Management of lists of goods and services. Goods and services in the list:
    • – can have prices in different currencies, or in the currency of a customer account;
    • – can be made available only to certain categories of customers;
    • – can belong to different categories for easier management;
    • – can have associated tax rules for tax calculation and display

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