Customer interaction management for fuel stations

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The main task of the management of gas and petrol stations is to provide maximum convenience to customers and at the same time, increase profits via supplementary offers of goods and services.

Both gasoline and natural gas, offered at gas stations, are a commodity where the price and various surprises become the main factor to attract customers. So, it is important to have the full set of instruments to bring customer attention to your particular gas station or network

We will help you with such problems

  • How to sell fuel in advance using prepaid cards

  • Ensuring maximum convenience for customers while visiting the station

  • How to bring customers back and bind them to your business

  • Selling of supplementary goods and services at the station

Benefits for you


Increase loyalty of customers with a powerful and flexible loyalty program


Promote supplementary goods and services with coupons and certificates


Let customers learn about your offers from the self-help Kiosk module


Process sales and payments with POS software by inCust


Sell Prepaid cards for fuel and supplementary goods and services


Make customers return to you via direct communication and personalized offers


Offer convenient ways to buy fuel without visiting the cash desk

We have the right instruments for you


Loyalty and Rewards

Coupons and Certificates

Prepaid Goods and Services

Information Panel / Kiosk

Customer database

Information and Communications

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