Fuel and Energy

inCust Fuel and Energy  is the module of the inCust platform that allows you to automate the processes of serving transport and drivers at gas stations and electric car charging stations, to launch digital fuel cards, and to serve corporate customers on a prepaid or postpaid basis

Instruments of Fuel and Energy module

Mobile application and chatbot for fueling and charging

With the inCust mobile app and chatbot, the driver can order and pay for fuel or energy and fuel or charge the car without leaving his vehicle. Integration with a pump and cash register through the cloud


Self-purchase of fuel and energy through the Kiosk

Drivers can purchase fuel and energy faster using the Kiosk app on a tablet that is installed in the station or near a pump. This allows to reduce the flow of customers at the cash desk and assist cashiers

Digital fuel cards

Purchase and sale of fuel or energy on a prepaid basis, accounting and provision of fuel and energy with instant centralized control. Driver authorization by phone number, QR-code, plastic card, or through a mobile application


Corporate fuel accounts

Providing drivers with access to a fuel account with individual limits and without the need for plastic cards or paper coupons

Use without integration

The inCust platform can work even if your supplier of equipment or cash desk software does not allow any integration with its products


Ready to use software kit

Apps and modules for cashiers, for drivers’ mobile phones, for a self-service Kiosk, as well as for accounting and analysis of operations. Complete solution for a chain of gas or charging stations

Integrates with

Coupons and Certificates

(to let customers use coupons and certificates)

Loyalty and Rewards

(to allow operations with customer rewards, bonus points, etc)

Point of Sale (POS)

(for sales transactions)

Informational panel Kiosk

(for customer self-service)

Target industries


Fuel Station





More options for your business

  • Fuel coupons and certificates can be offered digitally (SMS, internet links, e-mail) or bound to a customer in a cloud by phone number. Printing is also possible
  • Prepaid, on-site, post-paid sale
  • Fuel and money accounts
  • Payment from a prepaid fuel or money account through a mobile app
  • Payment by electronic money
  • An online store in the customer mobile app for the sale of related products and services
  • Powerful loyalty programs for individual and corporate customers
  • The possibility to provide personalized rewards to drivers for use of certain fuel and charging stations and attracting them to use of these stations for their personal needs
  • Control of the odometer when drivers receive fuel or energy to control the use of the corporate transport
  • Support for settlements between different fuel or charging stations, enabling drivers to receive fuel and energy at “foreign” stations
  • Possibility of selling fuel coupons through mobile applications of different fuel and charging chains
  • Possibility to deliver fuel or energy by an assistant using his mobile phone
  • Instant rewards for purchasing a certain amount of fuel or energy

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