Customer interaction and lifecycle management in retail

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Retail businesses have stiff competition and must keep expenses at a minimum. At the same time, customers want stellar shopping experience and are sensitive to special offers, coupons and other incentives. The use of the CLM platform will make customers make purchases more frequently and increase the turnover.

Instruments, offered by inCust, such as bonus points and coupons, as well as goods offered specifically to frequent buyers, help not just to retain customers, but also help sell the goods, which don’t get enough customer attention.

We will help you with such problems

  • Little knowledge of customers

  • Frequent discounts undermine profit

  • It is hard to stand out from the crowd

  • No contact with customers out of stores

Benefits for you


Speak one-to-one with customers using omnichannel communications


Personalize marketing offers to increase their effectiveness


Process sales, payments and pre-orders with POS software by inCust


Reward customers using a powerful and flexible loyalty program


Free customers from plastic cards by providing alternative authentication methods


Help customers serve themselves using Information Panel / Kiosk


Increase profits with up-sales and cross-promotions


Sell goods via E-shop

We have the right instruments for you


Loyalty and Rewards

Coupons and Certificates

Prepaid Goods and Services

Information Panel / Kiosk

Customer database

Information and Communications

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