Customer lifecycle management in entertainment

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Competition in the recreation and entertainment business is always stiff. Thus, it is vital to stay in contact with visitors in order to remind them about the opportunities and special offers that help bring people back to your business. Cross-marketing that involves other businesses attracts new visitors. Another important task is to arrange the sales and validation of tickets and supplementary goods and services

We will help you with such problems

  • How to bring new customers

  • How to bind existing customers to your business

  • Rewarding customers for loyalty without direct discounts

  • Efficient sales and validation of tickets

  • Handling of operations with prepaid services

  • Cooperation with other businesses to cross-promote services

Benefits for you


Increase loyalty of customers with a powerful and flexible loyalty program


Attract new customers with cross-promotions, incentives, and gift sets


Make customers stay by offering subscriptions and prepaid services


Validate tickets with specialized ticket processing software by inCust


Sell tickets and supplementary goods and services (also via E-shop)


Prompt customers to return to you via direct communication and personalized offers


Process sales and payments with POS software by inCust

We have the right instruments for you


Loyalty and Rewards

Prepaid Goods and Services

Coupons and Certificates


Information and Communications

Ticket Manager

Customer Database

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