New technologies increase profits of gas and charging stations

For many customers, the use of modern business tools indicates reliability of the business. The ability to innovate is becoming the new normal.

Some numbers:

Almost every second (49.4%) car owner is an active user of mobile applications when it comes to fuel-related tasks starting with addresses and routes and up to looking up discounts and business hours. More than half of gas station customers (57%) say that they would visit fueling stations more often if a mobile application provided discounts and the ability to pay for goods in the station’s store. The majority (73%) of customers who pay for gas through a mobile application would also like to make additional purchases in the convenience stores at gas stations (1)

If you have not yet arranged control over the full cycle of customer service for your fuel and related products, inCust offers an all-in-one software solution that will cover all these needs. The inCust platform and service allow you to accompany customers from acquisition and service to retention and repurchasing.

inCust will increase the comfort of each customers’ visit to your gas station. Customers will be able to refuel a car without leaving it, order and pay for services and goods in the mobile app while waiting in the line. And the lines will shorten as serving customers becomes much faster.

With no additional hardware and in the shortest time we provide:

  • a fully-functional out-of-the-box mobile application
  • an online shop in the application and on the web site
  • loyalty program builder
  • process automation tools
  • and many more features

Car owners believe that a complicated registration process and confusing terms are the main downsides for most gas station apps. In our case, these problems just don’t exist. It will take less than a minute for a new user to set up an account in the inCust mobile application. There’s no need to remember passwords or come up with secret questions. The application identifies each user with a unique key – their phone number or email address. If your customer changes the number or the address, it will take a moment for them to update that data in the system.

inCust mobile application does more than sell fuel — it creates an online version of your convenience store with anything and everything you would like to include. The store is comfortable to use, easy to create, and convenient to maintain. Customize product types and categories, upload photos, save and post changes in minutes.

Would you like to drive more customers to your gas station, even if it’s not exactly along their way? The digital loyalty program by inCust returns and retains customers every time. Stimulate purchases with points, gifts, fuel, discounts, or free coffee. Create, mix, and test out combinations of any complexity in the Business Control Panel. All you need is a couple of mouse clicks and no programming skills. Try different combinations and choose the ones that work for you.

InCust also provides a number of benefits for serving corporate customers. Incorporate best practices from trendsetting market players and provide customer accounts in fuel or currency. Besides an instant payment, common for retail customers, two other payment models are supported:

  • credit – billing occurs after the fuel is provided, after each fueling, or for a certain period or number of transactions;
  • prepaid – billing occurs for each transaction from the current positive balance in the fuel or currency account of the customer.

Want to offer more without overlapping with the loyalty program which you already have for retail customers? No problem. Corporate bonus programs can have separate bonus accounts, as well as their own system of accumulating and use of bonus points for products or offers. It’s a great way to offer more options for stimulating demand without confusion.

Enrolling for corporate customers is as simple as possible. Customers do not need to handle or manage the emission of corporate fuel cards or coupons and keep a notebook for records. inCust provides 24/7 access to user accounts, as well as the feature to manage general or individual limits for any driver through a user-friendly web interface. Restrictions can be set as daily or monthly limits. Want to connect a new driver to your account? All you need is their mobile phone number. Need enhanced control over the use of the account? Our system supports two-factor validation to confirm each refueling for corporate accounts. Need more data? Get your drivers to input odometer readings each time they refuel. Need to distribute a quick notification to all users under a certain corporate program? The omnichannel messaging feature will deliver your message to all participants within a minute.

Another thing crucial for corporate customers is that drivers don’t spend too much time at gas stations. InCust is the perfect solution as users can reserve the needed amount of fuel on the way, order and pay for everything without having to leave the vehicle, or even needing a credit card or cash!

Benefits for you:

  • Reliability – fueling control module manages the whole process from checking balance and reserving money on a customer’s account to operating the pump and delivering fuel.
  • Flexibility – inCust comes to you in two convenient forms: as the software, installable on-premises, and as a cloud-based SaaS.
  • User-friendliness – harvest the power of omnichannel communication and forget about duplicate, irrelevant, or expired data in user contacts.
  • Efficiency – service retail or corporate customers and enjoy advanced analytics in the data intelligence system of your choice.
  • Safety – two-factor authentication, geo-based transaction validation, and the most reliable payment services like Masterpass or Stripe.

Benefits for retail customers:

  • Time-saving
  • Status
  • Loyalty programs
  • Security

Benefits for corporate customers:

  • Corporate accounts can be set up with fuel, goods, or currency being kept on the balance.
  • Provision of fuel on a prepaid basis or with a post-payment.
  • Connecting drivers to accounts in minutes – no need to issue cards or coupons; all you need is a phone number and our mobile application.
  • Limit management – top-up and access individual driver accounts via Business Control Panel.
  • Expenditure management – odometer readings, GPS tracking, and additional verification of each transaction.
  • Analytics – all data is available for export and processing in a convenient format.
  • Integrations – API for interacting with third-party cash desk and accounting systems.

And that’s not all! We can offer you a variety of instruments for attracting and retaining customers, e.g., digital coupons and certificates, cross-marketing tools for business partnerships, fuel dispensing without hardware integration, and much more. Visit the inCust platform website to see how you can benefit from the advantages we offer in a matter of days without having to spend millions.

(1) Why Consumers Prefer Apps At Gas Stations

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